Harvard recommends this food: the memory boosting red juice

The juice recommends to decrease the chances of suffering from Alzheimer's diseas

People are always looking for natural smoothies of all kinds to improve the qualities of the brain,, but there is an easy to prepare red juice that has many positive components and is consumed daily at Harvard.

Although the tomato is well known for its health benefits, many people consume it thinking of the help it has for the prostate. Ignoring the concentration of flavonoids and antioxidants that tomato juice has that improves long and short-term memory, reducing degenerative damage.

The red drink that helps improve memory

Tomato juice is considered one of the best drinks for memory and the brain, since it has a lot of properties that help the body. A study done by the magazine “Neurology” indicates that this food serves to protect against brain damage.

It takes about 250 grams of tomato to prepare juice, this quantity contains between 10 to 20 mg of lycopene. This is a powerful antioxidant that gives this vegetable its reddish color and protects cells from damage received by free radicals, reducing the chances of suffering from Alzheimer and/or senile dementia.

Also, the tomato has more than 6000 types of flavonoids inside, which are plant chemicals that improve memory, general cognitive function, verbal comprehension, reasoning skills and help in decision making. Likewise, people over 70 years of age who have a higher intake of this type of food are less likely to report any problem either related to his memory, or to his critical thinking.


In addition, tomato juice is a drink very easy to prepare that can be ready made only with ingredients that are in the refrigerator, without having to buy anything else, that can be ready in a couple of minutes, and is devoid of any type of substance. chemistry.

Harvard studies

Among the list of foods that Harvard University has to avoid memory loss, the most frequent and used recipes are those made with tomato, not only is juice, but also tomato sauce. Reason why the students of the institution include this drink in their daily meals.

Harvard scientists collected data from people from more than 77,000 individuals, where it was reported if they presented any cognitive change according to the amount of tomato and food rich in flavonoids they consumed, which these people had up to at least 19% chance of having memory problems.

Otherwise, the same Harvard study shows that people who do not consume tomato-based drinks have trouble remembering events that have happened recently, find it difficult to find their way through familiar streets, follow the thread of a conversation , and it is difficult for them to follow instructions.

Tomato juice recipe

There are several ways to prepare tomato juice, but one of the most effective for concentrating the chemicals that help memory and the brain is the one published by the specialized site “Cardamomo”.

The ingredients needed for the juice are 250 grams of ripe tomatoes, a splash of lemon juice, 陆 glass of water and a basil leaf, although the latter is optional to improve its flavor.

To prepare it, first you have to wash the ripe tomatoes and cut them, without removing their seeds, then put them together with the lemon juice, the water and the basil leaf in a blender to let them pulverize well for several minutes. Once this is done, it must be served immediately and drunk while it is still fresh.

It is preferable to drink tomato juice in the morning, alone, to improve the process of absorbing nutrients, not only those that are directed to the brain but to the rest of the body, in addition to improving intestinal constipation.