7 destinations where you can travel like a celeb without breaking the bank

The best destinations to travel and have a luxury experience without spend a lot of money

One of the things that people enjoy the most is undoubtedly traveling, since they can free themselves from all the stress, learn about new cultures and so on. There are many options, but there are 7 options that anyone can aspire to go and feel like a celebrity with millions of dollars.

Of course, one of the main problems with traveling as a celebrity is money. Therefore, we are going to talk about cheap, very nice places where an average person can go and have a good time, whether they go alone or accompanied.

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Best tourist destinations to feel like a celebrity

Greece has many interesting areas to visit, but one of the best is the island of Ko, which is known for its nightlife and beautiful beach views. Marrakech in Morocco, has a very beautiful traditional setting that lends itself to taking pictures of various celebrities.

The Italian island of Cerdeña is an area much visited by a lot of famous Hollywood characters, although they usually travel on mega yachts. But, still, it is a good place to walk along the beach, enjoy traditional food, and walk around cultural attractions. The city of Tarifa in Spain is a place to relax, learn about the historic center, and delight in its beautiful scene, which you can take spectacular photos.

To ski without spending much, you can go to the Italian Alps, which has a wide variety of mountains to ski, and in summer there are some beautiful natural views. Nor can we fail to mention The Algarve, which is in Portugal, as it has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe and has several picturesque villages around it that can be visited.

Hotels in these destinations

Unless you have a familiarity with the mentioned destinations, it will be necessary to book a hotel to stay while you stay in these destinations. On the Island of Ko, one of the biggest advantages is that the vast majority cost less than a few hundred pounds, and vacancies can be found even in the peak seasons.

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The island of Sardinia is an area that has hotels starting at $170 dollars in all areas of the place, with several options to choose from, and without excellent to get acquainted with the local gastronomy. In Tarifa there are hotels from $75 dollars and the vast majority have rooftops from where you can see the entire city.

Although Madrid, being the capital of Spain, has a reputation for being very expensive, there are very luxurious and cheap hotels starting at $67 dollars that have all the services. Otherwise, in the Italian Alps and in the Algarve there are more than 60,000 and 40,000 hotels to choose from, either simple and cheap areas, or more ostentatious areas.

Bottom line

It is not necessary to be followed by an army of paparazzi, have millions of dollars or a whole group of publicists to have a good time and enjoy like celebrities, you just have to be smart to choose a good place to visit, and make use of ways of saving.

To travel, you can resort to booking travel points or miles, or choose flight promotions. At least in the case of the aerolines EasyJet and Tui fly to the island of Kos from London non-stop.

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If you want to save money on your stay in a new city or country, what you can do is book in places that are close to the points you plan to visit, make a budget of what you will spend, limit basic services such as electricity and eliminate ant expenses. that they can be realized.