10 foods that make you go to the bathroom: improve digestion

Discover the best way to improve indigestion and help our organism to function properly

Constipation is a problem that many people suffer from and in many occasions it is not known how to combat or avoid it, and this can be a nuisance, but if we incorporate to our diet foods with a certain fiber content we can control this, and even avoid it. 

Fiber reduces the risk of suffering from this disease because it helps to improve digestion, this is due to the fact that it releases certain proteins that make our stool retain more liquid, making it easier to go to the bathroom, thus helping us to avoid constipation, and also reducing the possibility of suffering from obesity, diabetes or even heart problems

10 Foods to combat constipation

Fiber is essential to maintain a proper functioning of our body and that is why it is important to include it in our diet, that is why we will talk about the best foods to incorporate into your diet. 


Nuts usually provide a lot of nutrients and vitamins to our bodies that help us maintain a healthy diet, but what makes nuts stand out is their high fiber content, especially if we consume them raw. 

Almonds are one of those that have the highest fiber content since about 14% of its composition provides fiber, in addition to this, almonds also help to control cholesterol, thus preventing some heart diseases. 

Whole grains 

Whole grains are one of the most popular sources of fiber that we have within our reach, these cereals per 100 grams provide us with the daily amount of fiber needed to help our body to be healthy

Similarly, the most advisable way to get a balanced amount of nutrients is to eat whole grains containing barley, rye and oats

Cooked beets

Beet is one of the ideal products that we should always seek to include in our diet for many different reasons, the main and relevant in this article is fiber, beet is a great source of fiber because for every 100 grams of beet provides 2 grams of fiber. 

In addition to this, it has very beneficial nutrients for our organism such as sodium, vitamins A, B9 and C, as well as many proteins. This tuber is important in our diet because it helps us to take care of our heart health and to control a low calorie diet. 


Vegetables in general are a very important source of fiber and we must always seek to integrate them into our daily diet, but among the wide variety of vegetables we get carrots are the most interesting as they contain 2.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams, this makes them one of the most important sources of fiber among vegetables. 

In addition to this, it is an important source of Vitamin A which helps to improve the health of our eyesight, and to avoid the degeneration of the same with the passage of time. 


Peas, together with carrots, are one of the most versatile vegetables since they can be included in all kinds of dishes, helping to balance our meals thanks to the different benefits they provide. 

A single cup of peas provides 16 grams of protein, but it is also an important source of iron, which helps reduce the risk of anemia, and can also help us lose weight thanks to its low calorie content. 


The fresh coconut is one of the fruits with more fiber, it is usually composed of 9% fiber, this is ideal to eliminate constipation problems that we can sometimes suffer, being the most recommended fruit in these cases. 

But it is not only an important source of fiber, it also contains iron, potassium and other mineral salts that are essential in the proper functioning of our body. 


In addition to the vegetables we have already mentioned, artichokes are also very important in our diet if what we are looking for is fiber, in these we can get 10 grams of fiber per 100 grams consumed. 

Another thing for which artichokes are also known is to help us regulate our cholesterol by providing many important minerals such as phosphorus, iron, zinc, and even magnesium, but its composition also contains essential vitamins for our body such as vitamin C and some B vitamins

Cooked beans

In addition to vegetables, legumes are also very important in our daily diet because they are an important source of fiber and in this case beans provide 13.2 grams of fiber per cup. 

Cooked beans

Among the other benefits of the same ones we find an important contribution of vitamin C and iron, the reason why these are very important legumes if we want to increase our defenses and to fight anemia. 

Whole wheat bread 

Whole wheat bread is recommended to be eaten on a regular basis thanks to its high fiber content, it is also a healthier option than regular bread, whole wheat bread is usually composed of 6% fiber. 

In addition to this, it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals that help our body to have the necessary nutrients to function normally. 


Another important fruit to consume to combat constipation is the raspberry, this is one of the most fiber-containing fruits having 7% of its composition made of fiber, raspberries can also be consumed in many ways and has a very delicious flavor, ideal for any recipe or snack. 

This is an important source of vitamins and antioxidants helping us to fight against the aging of our organism.