This superfood has properties capable of preventing cancer and protecting the heart

The superfood powder that has anti-inflammatory properties and will help prevent Alzheimer's disease

Previously we have talked about many superfoods that give us many benefits in addition to helping us fight serious ailments, this time we bring you another superfood which in addition to helping protect your heart and Alzheimer’s disease, also helps prevent cancer, pain and even inflammation. This is an ingredient that when mixed with the right currents can become very healthy. 

This is also a superfood that is often used as a condiment because of its exquisite flavor that gives meals a very special touch, because of this there are many who consume it, but the key to get all its benefits is to know how to combine it with the right foods. 

Curry superfood


Curry is both a condiment powder and a stewed vegetable dish to which this powder is added to give it its characteristic flavor. It can be prepared in a thousand different ways, it is originally from South Asia and its popularity began to grow in the XIX and XX centuries in other parts of the world thanks to its massive export as a condiment. 

In general terms, the food “Curry” can have many ingredients and other seasonings besides Curry, it provides many health benefits besides helping you to fight complicated ailments such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease

In addition, although the curry spice mix has an excellent nutritional value, you should always keep in mind the ingredients for curry food since a change in its ingredients could cause the dish to lose some of its flavor.  

Benefits and properties of curry

Curry powder contains a lot of positive health benefits and when combined with other foods its benefits are increased, some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects, it does not work immediately but it does help to slowly lower an inflammation that we have. 
  • It has antibacterial activity, this mainly thanks to the coriander which helps to fight antibacterial infections properly. 
  • It protects heart health and prevents many types of heart disease. 
  • It is a potential anticancer with promising results but does not guarantee immunity to this disease. 
  • It has anticoagulant properties

What is curry made of?

Curry powder has different types of ingredients and these can vary according to the region of the world where it is consumed, although these variations are usually small, but what they can cause is a change in the benefits it provides. 

Among the best known ingredients of curry we have coriander, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, sweet basil and red bell pepper, all those ingredients that are usually added additionally are usually ginger, cinnamon, fennel, mustard seeds, among others, which can help to strengthen its favor as well as its individual health benefits.

Risks of curry powder

Curry is a delicious and very nutritious food but it also has some potential side effects that we should be aware of before consuming it. It is a known anticoagulant which is not recommended if you are already taking anticoagulants. In addition to this, some research has shown that curry powder can irritate the gallbladder. 

This is a spice that stimulates gallbladder contractions which are good for people who have healthy gallbladders, but in people who have gallstones or obstructed bile ducts it can be very painful.

Curry powder

In addition to this other research has revealed that curcumin, the compound responsible for the turmeric in curry, is not as effective as a supplement because it is not easily absorbed on its own and the body tends to eliminate it quickly, however, if it is consumed in combination with other compounds it can be better absorbed in the body giving us great benefits.