This new look of Rosalia’s that is surprising everyone already has more than 2 million likes on Instagram

Discover the radical change with which this top singer is surprising her fans around the world

The famous singer Rosalia recently showed her new hair change from brown hair to a red color that has been liked by many of her fans since the photo that the singer posted where she can be seen with her new hair has already reached more than 2 million likes. 

Rosal铆a made it clear at the beginning of the year that she was not going to leave anyone indifferent, this was evident since she announced the release of “Motomami”, and from that moment it was known that the singer wants to give many surprises to her fans and detractors, but we never suspected that one of those changes would be such a radical change of look where she would leave behind her natural brunette hair to move to a controversial but very requested trend. 

In this case, the artist shows a very intense red hair tone, but the main feature of her look is that she lets her natural hair color show at the roots, adding a personal touch to this look that has pleased many. 

Rosalia’s new look

When Rosal铆a published her new look on social networks she left the message “Fitting de lo nuevo 鉀斤笍馃毃” in a photo that would reach 2 million “likes” in less than 12 hours, in this case the Catalan has shown that part of the context for which she has decided to change her look and is that she is attending to the demands of the script of one of her new video clips which will be released shortly being this a preview of what is to come. 

In addition to this Rosal铆a has also been leaving clues about the new projects and what she is planning for her future and that she hopes all her fans are as excited about the news as she is when it comes to making them, also the fact that this change of look has been given mainly as part of the script of one of her videoclips leaves us wondering if this will be a temporary change or something that will last for some time. 

The truth is that whatever it is, it is a change that suits the singer very well and shows how dedicated and daring she is becoming, wanting to try new challenges to prove not only to herself but to everything she is capable of. 

Did the fans like Rosal铆a’s change?

The truth of all of this is that Rosalia’s fans have repeatedly shown that they support the artist no matter what she decides to do and those 2 million “likes” that the Catalan artist got in less than 12 hours shows not only the support, but also the great affection that all her fans around the world have for her.

And the truth is that although in the past Rosal铆a has had other haircuts and styles, her brown hair has always been something characteristic of the singer, something that until now was considered to be part of her personality. And it is that with every change of look that the singer has made, she has always attracted the attention of everyone, being this change the one that has called more attention. 

The proof of this can be seen through her fans who don’t seem to miss her old brown hair, since in her social networks they only leave messages of support and pleasure regarding the artist’s new look, which is a change that has pleased more than one.