Rihanna has bought the Valentino dress that all pregnant women dream about

Rihanna's look that has surprised all her fans: A transparent dress at the post-Oscars party

The famous and world famous singer attended Beyonce party with a daring transparent dress signed by Valentino where she highlights her figure and her pregnancy. The world is crazy but the news of the singer’s pregnancy has been good news for many of her followers, as it has turned out to be a good escape route to evade part of the strong reality that many of us are living through the current pandemic by Covid-19

This was a news that traveled at the speed of light through social networks and since then news about the singer have not stopped coming out, many of these are focused on the stunning looks of the singer where she usually does not go unnoticed as it has also been this time. 

Rihanna wearing a daring outfit at Beyoncé’s party

The stunning look of Rihanna

Rihanna’s style is something that always attracts attention and since her pregnancy has been known the singer never ceases to surprise her fans with stunning looks that leave everyone with their mouths open, this time she did not go unnoticed at the post Oscars party organized by Beyoncé where she showed her enhanced figure and demonstrating that excesses, in terms of fashion, are always a good option. 

The style that showed the singer of “Diamons” is based on cropped tops and many transparencies, highlighting with a black look where you could highlight her belly, the outfit was mostly transparent, had a black skirt with sequins to match with XXL gloves, a style that borders on perfection in terms of look for pregnant women. 

Wearing “pre-mom” clothes is already history, now girls who want to be fashionable while pregnant have shown different ways to adapt to streetwear clothing and how could it be otherwise Rihanna gives a step forward in this new style shows that excesses are part of her DNA, also shows that pregnancy is a beautiful stage of life that should not only be enjoyed, but also be proud of it. 

The reaction of the press and the guests at the party

Rihanna took advantage of Beyoncé party to show her enviable style that exudes confidence and great beauty, it was a party organized by Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the occasion of the Oscars 2022, this was one of the most amazing looks of this red carpet, this a look brought from Valentino’s Fall-Winter 2022/2023 collection

Although in this collection the main protagonist was the fuchsia color, the Italian firm also launched red carpet looks where the black color stood out with transparencies that added a sexy look to this outfit, Rihanna was one of the first artists to wear this model causing a great sensation on the red carpet. 

The guests at the party and the media present praised the singer for her look which is an inspiration for all mothers, in addition to this many emphasize that Rihanna is a great promoter of being proud of pregnancy and that this is a stage that should be shown to the world as it is unique as well as being something magical and spectacular

Future projects of the singer

The singer currently with her pregnancy is in more conservative projects and is not considering new musical projects including tours, the artist after closing her fashion line Fenty Beauty now embraces a new project which is considered by herself as “a piece of art”. 

It is “The Rihanna Book: Queen Size“, a book of a considerable size that compiles impressive photos of the singer with a delicate and intimate vision, in fact the artist has shared on her social networks that Paul Macrtney appears in one of the exclusive photos included in the book. 

The Rihanna Book: Queen Size

The description of the project reads “A tribute for lovers and collectors of fashion, music and photography. Rihanna: Queen Size is presented in a format worthy of the global legend herself. From her beginnings in Barbados to her tours around the world, from iconic fashion moments to more private ones with friends and family, Rihanna: Queen Size showcases intimate photographs of the star’s evolution as an artist, performer, designer and entrepreneur.” 

Although the singer has had to ditch her Fenty fashion line, she still retains her cosmetics and lingerie labels, but there is still no sign of her new album, something fans have been asking for for a long time, but it looks like they will have to wait a little longer.