Jennifer Lopez’s nutritionist and other celebrities: keys to lose weight in record time

Many celebrities' secret to healthy weight loss: Tips from the celebrity nutritionist

Losing weight is the goal of many, but to lose weight there is no need to follow a strict diet or kill yourself in the gym, and that is not something that we say but the nutritionist Haylie Pomroy who says that we must only “hit the right keys” to accelerate our metabolism and thus achieve slimming naturally. 

Pomroy is known among other things for being the nutritionist of several celebrities, among her best known clients we find Jennifer Lopez or the famous actress Reese Witherspoon, the message of the nutritionist is quite clear, you must choose the right food at the right times in order to raise the rate of metabolism and achieve visible results in the body but also in health

nutritionist Haylie Pomroy
Book by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy

Tips to speed up metabolism

Losing weight is not only about looking better, but also about being healthy, having more energy or a better skin tone, nutritionist Haylie Pomroy proposes six fundamental principles to achieve a healthy metabolism leaving all these secrets in her new book “Metabolism Revolution“. 

Real Food

Pomroy also fiercely defends “realfooding“, which means that we should eat at least once a day real, unprocessed foods, such as fruits, cereals, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, among others. 

Eat something within 30 minutes after waking up

There are many theories that exist about the effectiveness of not eating breakfast to lose weight, there are those who defend that this is an important meal that we should not skip. Pomroy is one of those who believe that eating breakfast as soon as we get up helps us to get energy to start our day, but more importantly, this is a habit that will help us to keep our metabolism active. 

In the mornings she recommends having breakfast, even if it is something light, and she also recommends eating every 3 hours, little food, in order to keep the metabolism active

Eat what you like

In any diet we usually include in our intake that is not usually totally to our liking, but if we always seek to eat something we like, this will not only help to achieve our goal, but we can stimulate the segregation of endorphins and thus reduce stress. 

The nutritionist’s recommendation is to try to eat what we like, but always in the healthiest way possible. For example, foods such as pizza are allowed in this diet, but only if it is homemade and with good ingredients. 

health food

Do not count calories

In order to lose weight following Pomroy’s advice we must seek to achieve a caloric deficit, but for this we must not lose our heads because it will be useless to count calories as this makes us focus on the quantity of food and not its quality. 

Pomroy recommends that if we eat little our metabolism works slower and even light foods such as lettuce will be stored as fat, to avoid this it is best to focus on the quality of food and not the quantity. 

Strategic exercise

Among the last recommendations of the nutritionist we get the exercise to lose weight, but not in any way, the main recommendation is to do cardiovascular training.

But we have to combine them also with strength exercises, it is recommended in this case to always eat a snack before to stimulate fat burning. 

Eating varied

One of the main reasons why many people get bored of diets and do not end up complying with them is because they always eat the same thing, but if we vary frequently what we eat, but always eating healthy, we can speed up our metabolism as we wish. 

To achieve this goal Pomroy recommends planning weekly menus to avoid falling into last minute temptations due to lack of ideas when preparing food, the idea is not only to have a varied meal, but we can vary between food intake of fruits, vegetables and proteins during the day.