Britney Spears may be secretly married and thinking of having children

The singer prepares to create a new life with her model boyfriend Sam Ashagari

Since Britney Spears got out front the conservatorship looks like she wants take a new course in his life, being that, there have been strong rumors that she has married with her boyfriend in secret, Sam Ashagari, and is planning have children as soon as possible.

Sam and Britney have played many times with the possibility of having children, reaching a puppy last year, and many people, including Mayra Veronica, Sam’s ex-girlfriend; have said that they are such for which. So rumors may not be far from reality.

Motive of the rumors

Popularly known as “the princess of pop“, Britney Spears had been under the conservatorship of his father, who had been imposed by “dementia” argument, and was in September 2021 that she could finally get free, and little time to do it she announcement her engagement with her boyfriend of five years.

Since starting his romance with Sam, Britney has referred to him as “My Boyfriend“, then, when committing, he began to call him “Fiance” in his social networks. But, in one of the last photos published on the Instagram of Britney, she congratulated Sam for his birthday calling him “Husband“.

There is a possibility that singer of “Slumber Party” has been confused when referring to Sam, but, days before he had posted another photo where both appear in a sunset, she with a long white dress and her hair collected at sunset, which easily could have been taken his wedding day.

It is a well-known fact that Britney was one of the most harassed persons by the paparazzi, to the point that she became one of the most photographed women in history, so it is not unreasonable to think that she wanted to keep an event as intimate as her wedding out the public eye.

Sam and Britney, future together

It is not very well known what Sam’s relationship is with the rest of Britney’s family, nor the opinion that her children have about him. But Britney has already made it very clear on her Instagram that she doesn’t care what her relatives think about the decisions she makes from now on.

Some time ago, the well-known television presenter, Oprah Winfrey recommended Britney to sign a prenuptial. This is because many rumors have said that Sam is a gold digger, but instead of getting angry, he humorously admitted that they would both sign an agreement to “protect her shoe collection”.

So if the marriage rumors turn out to be true, chances are no one, especially Britney who is worth $70 million dollars, has to worry about losing their money in court.

Chances of a next pregnancy

Currently, the couple is in French Polynesia celebrating Sam’s 28th birthday, but Britney hasn’t hesitated to upload some topless photos where she states that she is “planning to have babies in Polynesia”.

Previously, the singer of “Break the Ice” said in court that she wanted to have children with Sam, but couldn’t because a DIU her father forced her to have inserted. This, added to the fact that she turned 40 in December of last year, has possibly encouraged her to have more children.

Despite the fact that Britney already has two children, the product of her first marriage to Kevin Federline, and the age difference between her and Sam, their relationship is very mature, leaning on each other through thick and thin, and honest, having 6 years together already.

Without a doubt, this news is a good thing for Britney, who only deserves the best after everything she has suffered, but, if true, it is possible that this will prevent the princess of pop from releasing a new album soon, despite It’s already been more than 5 years since he posted new material.