Walmart competes with Amazon and discounts best-selling oven: 40% off

Cosori's smart oven that you can get at Walmart with up to 40% off its base price.

Walmart is a gigantic U.S. market that has gained worldwide popularity thanks to the large number of different products in its catalogs, but mainly thanks to the large number of discounts on its products and their low prices despite not having such products. 

This multinational company has become one of the largest in the market thanks to its great profitability, and the brand has become so popular that through its official website you can buy any of its products and receive them anywhere in the world

COSORI 32Qt 30L Smart Air Fryer

It should also be noted that in order to receive packages in some countries, a third-party shipping service must be contracted, since Walmart’s direct shipping does not reach all countries, but it does make it easier to obtain this type of shipping service. 

COSORI 32Qt 30L Smart Air Fryer

The Cosori Smart Air Fryer is a toaster oven what XL with a large capacity that allows you to easily cook a large amount of food without the need to have to use it 2 or 3 times to have all your food ready, this product is one of the best valued of Walmart in terms of quality and ease of use makes it one of the favorites of many customers of the multinational.聽

With this Cosori product you will have at your disposal a multifunctional kitchen thanks to its preset settings, also thanks to its intelligent control you will have the possibility to manage all your smart products in your home as long as they are compatible with the V Sync feature which requires an app to be used and a constant internet connection.  

This Cosori smart oven you can normally get it for $200 but right now Walmart has it on sale and you can get it for as low as $99 and save up to $100 on your purchase

COSORI Air Fryer Alexa

Cosori 32 Qt 30L Smart Air fryer Features 

This is a very popular oven in the store thanks to the different features it offers to its users, among the most outstanding ones we get the following:

  • It has an intelligent cooking assistant that will help us to cook our favorite meals more efficiently. You can manage this function from your phone or smart control. 
  • It has a convection function with which you can get to reduce the cooking time of our food, this uses the convection fan for faster and more uniform cooking. 
  • This oven uses much less oil when compared to other similar ovens and can cook food in a much healthier way. 
  • The Cosori 32 Qt 30L Smart Air fryer has a total of 12 functions so you can choose the preset that best suits your cooking needs. 
  • It has a large capacity and can prepare a meal for up to 7 people, in this oven fits a pizza up to 30 liters or a 13-inch chicken
  • Thanks to its Smart function it connects to Wi-Fi to be used remotely, for best results it is recommended to use a 2.4 GHZ network
  • In addition to this the oven comes with a recipe book that includes up to 100 different recipes so you can cook in your new Cosori 32 Qt 30L Smart Air fryer and surprise all your guests. 

Consumers’ opinions

The Cosori 32 Qt 30L Smart Air fryer is one of the best selling and best rated products of the Cosori brand within Walmart, on the official website of the multinational accumulates so far more than 30 reviews which add up to 4.9 stars out of 5. 

COSORI Air Fryer

Among these evaluations we found only 1 out of 4 stars and one 3 stars which talk about the high power consumption and possible failures that the synchronization with the phone has had, but this last detail Cosori claimed to have solved recently with the new update of its app