Amazon sweeps sales with Apple spy device: fits in the palm of your hand

Apple newest product with features of a spy device that you can't miss

Fans of the Apple company are excited about a device that Amazon has in stock that reassures especially those people who are more absent-minded and who are constantly losing their belongings. It is a device that looks like a keychain but is actually equipped with technology that can locate at all times where an object is located. It is such a useful product that other major technology companies such as Samsung have been forced to design it so that Steve Jobs’ company does not take over the entire market.

Apple Airtag
Apple new location device

The amazing Apple Airtag

The Apple Airtag is a small device which is responsible for tracking and locating any object that you have lost, this can be done from your cell phone thanks to a loud beep or the indications that our cell phone gives us to find what we are looking for. 

This ability of the device to locate objects is achieved thanks to the combination of Bluetooth technology and U1 chips, these available in Iphone 11 devices and all subsequent generations of Apple phones. Any object we are looking for can always be found as long as it is within 100 meters around us

To be able to use this capability we must connect our cell phone and once the device is connected we must place the Airtag on the object most likely to be lost in order to locate it easily. The Airtag has a high precision search system which is combined with the ultra wide band of the Iphone devices to ensure a higher level of accuracy when performing our search. 

What is an Airtag for?

The Airtag are devices specially designed to help us find our objects more easily and accurately, the great advantage offered by them is that they are quite easy to adapt to those objects that we want, besides being a wireless device we can save it or place it wherever without restriction. 

This device is designed to adapt to any object and can be tracked by any iPhone, iPad or Mac device as long as it is within a diameter of 100 meters, they can access the special search network for the Airtag so that anyone with an Apple device can locate the Airtag easily. 

Locate device
Find your devices quickly

Keep track efficiently to find any object through the app “Find My”, it has a fairly simple configuration and only with 1 touch you can connect instantly to your search network, to find your device you must put your Airtag in lost mode and so automatically notify when detected in the network “Find My”. 

Airtag features and functions

This is a device that has several features that make it quite interesting, some of the most outstanding are the following:

  • Splash, water and dust resistance: Up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Weight: 11g
  • Battery: Replaceable CR2032 button cell battery
  • Sensor: Accelerometer
  • Diameter: 31.9 mm
  • Connections: Bluetooth for proximity location, Apple U1 Chip for ultra-wideband connection and Precision Search, NFC Contact for Lost Mode.
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Box Contents: AirTag with replaceable CR2032 button cell battery installed, instructions

Apple Airtag price

This is a device that since its release has attracted much attention from all Apple fans, and also many others, all the features offered and its great utility makes it quite interesting but most surprising of all is its price that makes it very accessible. 

A device that despite being from Apple does not have an exorbitant price as is often said of many of its products, the Apple Airtag you can get it at a price of 27.55$ the package of 1 single device, and the package of 4 Airtag is priced at 99.99$ being the latter the most striking option. 

New Apple Device
Ideal as accessory

The Apple Airtag can be a very economical gift to give to our loved ones on a special occasion, besides being very useful and easy to use, if you buy it on Amazon it will not take more than 4 days to arrive and if you are a Prime user it could arrive in less time. What are you waiting to get yours?

Accessories available on Amazon

Apple Airtag key ring

ManyMany customers who purchase the AirTag product add a case as an accessory to protect the device. In this regard, there are several options available on Amazon at different prices. Below, we tell you which are the best valued ones:

Apple Airtag key ring

Undoubtedly, as Apple is accustomed to its customers, the design and the materials with which it is manufactured are among the best on the market. In addition, it is available in nine different colors. It is now priced at 33.08$.

Belkin Airtag

At a much more affordable price and also of good quality, we can find this Belkin brand case which is the best seller on Amazon. It is a very resistant case and will protect the device from unwanted scratches thanks to its raised edges. It also has an open design that allows you to see the characteristic engraving of the Apple Airtag.

Belkin Airtag

As for its price, we can purchase it at 12.95$ for one unit and 19.99$ for two units.