Walmart sweeps with this powerful robot vacuum cleaner especially for pets: 50% off for a limited time only

Discover one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market that you will want to have at home

Walmart is a company with a wide variety of products on sale or at deep discounts, among them is a Shark AI RV2002 Wi-Fi Connect, one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world, which has a brush for dogs included. Recently, it was announced that people can purchase this device at a huge discount.

The robot has built-in LIDAR technology that allows intelligent autonomous navigation, this means that it adapts to the dimensions of the house to clean under furniture and tables, as well as detect and avoid obstacles. In addition, its system forces it to automatically return to the charging base when its battery levels are low.

Shark AI RV2002 Wi-Fi Connect

Characteristics of the Shark AI RV2002 Wi-Fi Connect

The vacuum cleaner is multifunctional and is capable of sweeping, vacuuming, moping and mopping the floor, programming these functions in advance. Also, it has a control App with which the robot can be managed from a distance, or it can be connected to a virtual voice assistant to control it just by speaking.

There are different models of the Shark vacuum cleaner, many can still be found on Walmart as well, but few are as complete as the Shark AI RV2002, which has most of the functions necessary to clean.

The device has an integrated Immortal Battery System that allows it to stay on for 160 minutes, before needing a recharge. It has 6 programmable cleaning modes: spiral, room, edges, manual, return to the house and auto.

Your BestFriend Care System has a specialized silicone brush for dogs, with 3 power levels available: normal, turbo and eco. Likewise, it has an intelligent mopping for all types of surfaces, and a turbo mode to clean carpets.

Shark AI RV2002 Wi-Fi

Ideal for homes with pets

The vacuum cleaner comes with a silicone brush included, special for pets, which allows them to be meticulously cleaned in a few minutes, and with silencers that avoid making a lot of noise during the cleaning process.

The brushes are made to clean all the hairs released by dogs, cats and even humans, without getting tangled in their bristles, as it happens with other types of vacuum cleaners. These devices have several bags where the waste is divided, to make it much easier to order.

The device has 3 power levels to clean: normal mode, which normally cleans the hairs along with the rest of the debris, the turbo, which increases the cleaning speed, and the echo, which analyzes the area to clean new hairs that fall into an already cleaned area.

Shark AI RV2002 Wi-Fi Connect vacuum cleaner pet brush

Currently, Walmart has the vacuum cleaner available for the exorbitant price of $199, which is more than half of the complete cost of the device, which is $399. Of course, this does not include the cost of shipping, which varies depending on the point where it is to be received.

Normally, Walmart products should arrive between 1 to 4 days, but the vacuum cleaner, being delivered to different regions, may vary in its delivery time. So, it is best to check this delivery time when ordering.