Is Graze useful?

What is Graze?

Graze is a company that was founded in the United Kingdom by a group of young people who wanted to create sandwiches with extremely different flavors for food lovers. They arrived to the US in 2012 and their service there was to sell snacks under subscription and in boxes at home. Their vision was to bring a box of perfectly sized, great tasting, but 100% healthy snacks.

With Graze you have several options, the boxes can be for a gift or they can be a whim for you, to taste it yourself and with whoever you want. Graze adjusts to your needs; you can choose surprise packages or a box with your own taste. Their offices in the United States are located in New York.

Opening of Graze Packages

When you order a sandwich with graze you have different types of measures, but today we are going to analyze the standard; comparing the box with its competitors graze has an ideal size, it fits in a backpack perfectly and even in a bag of medium size. Inside the cardboard box we find the sandwiches wrapped in paper and with their label to see what they are, below we find another 4 sandwiches placed in the same way.

The graze sandwiches come with a label explaining the ingredients, their kcal amounts and the health benefits these ingredients have. This is an advantage so you don’t have to wonder if you are eating junk food and you will enjoy your healthy, low kcal food.

In addition, we have a sheet that specifies even more what you are eating and why this food has passed through the process, you will find a nutritional fact sheet that gives information about each snack.

One of the things that the environmentalists have not liked is that each sandwich comes with its packaging and apart with the cardboard box, but it is something that the team of graze is already working.

The process

The process to sign up for Graze is relatively simple, you just have to follow a series of steps to complete your subscription.

You have to register with your personal information such as your address, your credit card to sign up for the plans and that is it, after this process you go straight to choosing your snack plans. Here everything already complicates a little more, after your weekly subscription of $13.99 for the snacks is recommended that you go to settings in your profile to choose the type of snacks you want, check the allergens, give dietary restrictions etc.

After placing my first order I came to the conclusion that if we compared the boxes with other competitors that send monthly packages, it was appreciated that the graze box had a smaller size, this made sense because it was weekly packed. The boxes are small sandwiches and not huge sandwiches, so the size is also smaller.

When you have placed your first order do not be afraid if you see that the sandwiches are small and you think you are being cheated by the high price of the pack, when you give your first bites and start trying things you will see how full you are, really you will be surprised. Apart from this, they are delicious and you won’t feel like you’ve eaten them in a hurry.

Another advantage of Graze is that you have weekly subscription and that has several advantages, if you don’t like something next week you won’t have it in your box and little by little you will be able to go tasting different types of sandwiches and flavors. That doesn’t happen with your competitors because they are monthly, and you only get one box a month.

Another thing that caught my attention was how good each sandwich tasted and how fresh they seemed to be.

I tried sesame and chili crisps and it was very crunchy, when I expected it to be stale, I liked that a lot. Other products that are normally processed tasted fresh and I didn’t notice at all if they were processed. After tasting the first week I was surprised at the quality of the products and how well they were sitting for me being so healthy, to all this, I put the company to the test because I said that I did not want any product with sesame, and so they followed everything as I indicated. After the first week I understood why the price was high, but my conclusion was that it made sense to have those prices, and after trying it I came to the conclusion that the sandwiches were cheap for everything they had offered me. The freshness of the product and the quality they offer is what I liked the most. It’s a very useful product to take with you every morning to the office and have breakfast, what better than a healthy product that fills your stomach.

To summarize my experience, I will mention that I liked very much the great variety of sandwiches that they had, it also includes the sandwiches separated by boxes according to what you want to do with your diet. If you like to take care of yourself and have a purpose in the gym like consuming protein it is a very easy way to fulfill your diet. But if you want to gain weight and give yourself a treat, you can also find this type of snack. You can customize all kinds of boxes, you can also buy a specific snack if you’re a fan of that type of snack, you can ask what you want and that is molded to all tastes.

One of the only drawbacks to this service is the fact that you have to keep updating your box, and you also have to keep rating your sandwiches. This has a solution if you like to eat everything you will have no problem because you do not have to customize anything, you will not lose time then looking at the sandwiches.

Another good thing about Graze is that they have a blog where they share news, recipes, properties and curiosities about food and sports.聽

If you want to make good use of your money and control your diet I recommend Graze, I have had a good experience with this service, its highly flexible and easy to organize your orders and that’s what I liked the most.

What sandwich plans do you offer?

These are so far all the plans and types of boxes that Graze offers:

  • Eight sandwiches
  • Calorie count
  • Box of sausages
  • Protein box
  • Sugar control box
  • Candy box
  • Pancake box

Subscription Management

This is a very simple process, you only have to put your name, address and credit card. When you fill in this information go back to the settings and select your preferences for sandwiches because otherwise you will receive random snacks.聽 It is important to note that in your first week you will have a 50% discount.

When you are registered you will be able to see all these sections:

  • Find your account information (name, billing address…)
  • Tracking orders, adjusting food preferences, selecting your favorite snacks, giving feedback on foods, excluding certain ingredients
  • View payment and order history.
  • View gift and reward options

If after all you didn’t like it and you want to unsubscribe because you are not convinced, it is a very simple process, it is not something difficult like many other businesses do so that you get messed up and stay longer with their service. To unsubscribe you go to the preferences section there you will see how to unsubscribe.

Final opinion about Graze

Is it really worth investing in a weekly plan? Is it a good investment for your health and your money?

We couldn’t say that Graze is something essential, but we could say that it is a very good service, it arrives on time, you have a lot of flavors to discover that they will be new in your palate, you also model it in what you feel like, or what you need, if it is in your plans to lose weight you will have snacks to control your kcal. It is a high-quality gourmet product with a lot of variety.

If you love sandwiches and want to eat differently and at the same time be able to try a lot of new products Graze is a good investment for you. You will save time by having to choose the products in the supermarket and cooking your appetizers.