Taking care of your tattoos

The feeling when you get a tattoo can’t be known until you get it, there are different opinions of people, some people say that they hardly feel any pain, other people say that they suffer and that it is a long and sharp pain.

Another factor that can change your experience while getting a tattoo is the factor of where you get the tattoo, it is not the same to get a tattoo on your neck or to get a tattoo on your arm. One of the later symptoms of getting tattooed may be that the tattoo is fading severely or the area where you got the tattoo is giving off heat and is starting to turn red.

But there is good news, these symptoms can disappear if you follow the steps and use the following care for your skin. It is very important to take care of your tattoo in the next few weeks after you get it. Applying cream and lotions to your skin can help prevent symptoms of heat and skin aging.

If you are reading this it means that you are still a fan of tattoos on your body and its care, it is very important that if you want to save your artwork on your body you should apply the following creams and lotions that we are going to comment to take care of your artwork.

Right now you are embarrassed to read this if you did not known it before and had not applied the following creams. But it is important for you to know that if you apply these lotions and treatments to your tattooed skin you can save your tattoos and your pain in terms of side effects.

Things you can’t do 

Even if you use the best product in the world and you think it will save you, it will be useless if you don’t follow the correct indications that we are going to explain. Do not do anything of what is explained below.

The tattoo cannot sink in water, during the shower it is better to cover it and you should forget about bathing in the pool or the sea.

If you practice any sport it is very important that you do not stretch the area where the tattoo is.

The clothes you must wear cannot be rubbing the tattoo non-stop, the rubbing could damage the tattoo. It is better to wear wide clothes.

Scratching the tattoo or rubbing it because it itches is also totally forbidden.

The sun is another factor that could damage your tattoo. It is not recommended to stay long time with direct light in the tattooed area.

If reading this you are seeing that you have not done any of the following options it means that you are on the right track, congratulations. The next step to keep your tattoo in the good condition you imagine it is important when choosing the following lotions for the after care of the tattoo. First of all these products are the ones that you cannot use in any case to take care of the tattoo.聽

Alcohol,Baby Oil, Bags Balm, Mineral Oil, Neosporin, Noxzema, Peroxide and Vaseline Vitamin E.

If we start looking, there are actually many creams and lotions that will serve to care for our tattoo. The most important key and the one that has to go in first position when looking for a cream to moisturize the tattoo is that it is for sensitive skin, that it is of natural origin and that it does not have artificial and chemical scents.

There are creams specially made for tattoo care and they have recipes made on purpose for tattoo care.

The selection we have made for you of the best tattoo creams are: Talquistina Tattoo, cicaplast tatoo and Tattoo cream pegasus pro.