Sport at home

Home gymnasium

In these times, with many gyms closing due to the medical restrictions we are suffering from, many athletes have developed a new way of doing sport. Sport at home has become very fashionable, and we can find many varieties and styles depending on the sport we want to do.


Abdominals can be done by almost everyone. This exercise is based on sticking our back to the floor and raising and lowering our necks until they touch our knees.

Push ups

Push ups are a more difficult exercise to do but can be combined with other exercises to make them easier, there are also different styles.


A very practiced exercise in the women’s world, this exercise tones up and increases your glutes.

Jumping Jack

If you don’t mind jumping and you prefer that instead of running you will like this exercise. The key to starting this routine is doing military jumps, opening and closing legs and arms while you lift yourself 20 cm off the ground.

It’s recommended to do it for about 30 seconds and during several rounds alternating with other exercises. This exercise will kill your calories.

Alternate strides

Another workout burns calories but is very basic and equal to most. It is performed by jumping forward with one leg while lowering the knee with the other leg. You combine jumps until you feel your muscles burning. This exercise also serves to exercise your balance.

Lumbar hyperextension

This consists of lying down on the floor with your belly stuck to the ground, arms and legs stretched out without touching the ground, only your belly can be in contact with the floor. When you are in this position, it is important that you move your legs and arms up and down at the same rhythm. It is advisable to do this exercise after doing a high performance exercice. 20 repetitions with 15″ rest. Do this 4 times.

Lateral isometric

For this exercise you will need to position yourself in a lateral position with one leg and one arm touching the ground. This exercise is of a higher level, and of great effort, if you see that you can’t stand it, bend your knees, doing this movement will distribute the weight throughout your body and will diminish the burning sensation.

Abdominal Crunch

This exercise is key to keep working your abs. It consists of touching the elbow with the left knee and then the right one, about 20 repetitions would be enough.

These exercises that we have mentioned before are exercises that do not need any machinery or objects to be able to do them. It is also very advisable to do other types of exercises at home with machines, for example:

Static bicycle, rowing, bench press…

These objects during the confinement have shot up in sales, many people have started to work with them.

Another good idea to practice at home is to watch videos on YouTube and follow the free classes of the different virtual trainers on the web. Some of these coaches will also help you to eat in a healthy way by giving you ideas of what to eat and what not to eat because of excess fat.

One of the YouTube channels that I recommend are:

  • For Zumba, Ritmozum fitness
  • For exercises normally without machines, THENX
  • For beginners, Pamela Reif

Advice before doing sport

  • Warming up, exercising your body slightly without requiring much sport, moving all your joints is important to avoid hurting yourself in future exercises or workouts.
  • Stretching, another basis for not suffering another injury, this step must always be done, it is very important not to forget something as important as stretching. You will avoid injury to tendons and muscles. After training it is also important to stretch in a lighter way to avoid pain after training.
  • Train and practice cardio or aerobic exercises, the exercises can be found on the YouTube channels already mentioned.

Another good thing about practicing a sport is the fact that you also train your mental health apart from your body. The fact that you demand more and more from yourself and then give a little more of yourself is very important, setting goals and being able to meet them will help you motivate yourself and keep giving more of yourself.

The weight loss we are trying to achieve will not be possible if we do not reduce the calories consumed in relation to those we burn.

If we do not follow this no matter what we do, we will not lose any weight.

The way to achieve this is by eating a small amount of calories and exercising, this will make our muscles grow and burn more fat when resting.

Benefits of practising sport

We all know that practising some sport is good for our health, but consider whether you know all the ways in which practising sport helps us in our lives in the short and long term. Here are the main improvements that your body suffers when you do physical exercise or practice a sport.

Improvement of cardiovascular health: Your vascular system is directed by a muscle called the heart. Exercise helps the heart to be healthier, which improves your entire cardiovascular system.

Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes: By taking care of your heart through sport you can reduce diseases of the cardiovascular system such as diabetes.

Helps to control weight: Our body’s metabolism is positively affected by practising sport.

Less blood pressure: Hypertension is also affected and improved by keeping the heart and its blood vessels in good condition.

Improves your aerobic system: By participating in physical activities where you run or swim, you improve the condition of your lungs to stock oxygen and oxygenated blood.

Improves strength and endurance: All the exercises we do make all our muscles stronger and bigger.

Improved joint flexibility and our range of movement: By improving our flexibility through sport we reduce the risk of injury and muscle problems.

Relieves our stress: It has been proven that exercise makes a good counter-attack on stress, stimulates our mood and relieves anxiety.

It reduces the risk of cancer. By practising sport we also reduce the chances of suffering from some type of cancer such as lung or breast cancer.

Helps control cholesterol: Cholesterol levels are lowered.

Reduction of osteoporosis: Sport helps to have strong and more resistant bones.

It strengthens the immune system, makes the body free of disease.

Improved sleep: Rest improves when you follow a physical activity routine, your body rests better and recovers sooner.

Mental health benefits: Psychomotor skills are increased and help to know yourself better. This often happens when challenges are overcome and when you meet your goals. Discipline when you set a schedule also improves, following a routine makes you a more planned and not so absent-minded person.聽

Longer life: All the benefits mentioned above will make your life: healthier, longer, more active, healthier and above all you will be able to enjoy life more.

In conclusion, sport is an activity that will help you in the short and long term, it will make you look better, you will be happier with your physical appearance and your fitness too. All the benefits are good, and you shouldn’t have to make excuses when trying to practice a sport, you always have to start from a point and keep moving forward.

So, remember, if you find a gap in your time out, dedicate it to sport and feel better!

Lots of encouragement and strength for your new life in the world of exercise (even at home).