Safe hard sex

Explanation of hard sex

Strong, active sex is a way to indulge your sexual desires and fetishes that you have ever had. In this sex activity it is very important to communicate, develop and be careful not to go beyond that little line that is very easy to overcome with the heat of the moment.

Strong sex becomes mutual, but it can also have different rols, usually one becomes dominant and the other dominated. These acts have been shown to bring the couple or the people who are practicing this type of sex closer together.

Common sense in this practice is very important, there are moments in which it is not good to practice it, it can develop a problem and I am sure that you are not looking for it.

Tough sex is mainly based on pushing, pulling the other person’s hair, dirty talk and spanking.聽

Why Women Like Rough Sex

Many people think that women are sensitive people and that they should like loose and quiet sex. The reality is not like that. The reality is that there are many women who like rough sex and may ask for it. They are not looking for polite, quiet sex in a bed or in a hotel, but rather, the woman who likes it is emotionally complicated, of a tough character and with a great sexual hunger.

Women with a quiet life are often the most curious and rare, this fact to men seems very peculiar, the key to this is that if you’re a man should hint and try to ask discreetly if they would like to try this style of sex.

Don’t be scared if you see a very quiet woman who is usually very careful and fussy, if she suddenly tells you that she wants rough sex it is relatively normal.

Why Men Like Rough Sex

We can say that most men love strong sex, this is due to a psychological factor that makes us be intense and bitter, we tend to develop a dominant role and superior airs, the pleasure developed by the other person to see that the strong sex is liking is a factor that men like very much. There are other aspects that are sometimes thought of as not treating a woman in this way, this varies depending on the men and their style of education.

One of the most important points to emphasize is that before doing any act you have to ask yourself, and you have to be sure if this person is going to like it, you have to know how to differentiate if this girl is a virgin or a whore.

This fact can save your relationship, you must know how to treat them always respecting what they want.

Understanding this will lead you to psychological comfort and give you great peace of mind.

When having strong sex it is a very big release of stress, elsewhere you also reach a very big level of trust and understanding with the other person.

In summary men like and get pleasure from rough sex because of these main factors.

The feeling of being in control of the situation, the confidence that is emitted, the release of stress and problems, and the sexual satisfaction of being liked by the other person.

How To Make It Happen?

Ask For It

If you want to do it and she mentions it before you propose any fact do not bother to ask, but it is so, it is important that you mention it at a time that is not having sex, moments before is not a good idea, one of the strategies followed by many men is to watch a movie such as 50 shades of gray, you can comment at that time that what is cool is what they are doing, you would like to try it? And so on.

If she doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to, you’ll have to live with it and accept it.