Reddit´s `Gone Wild´

The story of these facts begins in an interview with upvoted, this girl decides to publish naked images, by doing this she obtains many followers and comments towards her, with which she ends up developing fame and money.

The amateur porn market is an incredibly big market, in this world of amateur porn there are usually two cases of porn. We start with the porn of stars that pretend to be amateurs for pure entertainment and for the excitement of being seen, the other case that stands out is for images or videos that have not had the consent of the two people and therefore a crime is being committed against any of the people that may appear in the video or images.

The case of the girl who has appeared on reddit is a case that is not usually very normal, she has begun to upload their images to be seen, does not want or cover your face. She says that the world of nudes is very fun and that she likes to upload her photos and videos, self-esteem is very present in her life and she says that it is very important for her, her main goal by publishing these photos is to gain fame and become known on social networks, she also has a youtube channel, her nickname is Yassdaddy.
Throughout the years that women are sexualized through social networks and public media has been growing gradually. This fact of showing their parts and more intimate areas is due to several reasons, Yassdaddy says that in his case is because it excites her that other people are getting excited with her photos or videos themselves, also says that other people can do it for different reasons such as making money, raising their self-esteem in the case that people like etc.

All this kind of photos and videos can be found in gone wild, it is a safe and discreet site where you can watch all this kind of content.
This site (gonewild) has all kinds of products and categories for all kinds of audiences. From tall girls to shorter ones, to girls with less and more weight…
The girls who want to appear uploading their photos and videos also have a category where they do not show everything they have and only a little bit that they want.

Another thing to note is that if you are a man and you are reading this right now, you and I say YOU could be uploading content to Gone Wild, men can also upload their content and they are not banned, so you know if you want to try and get a little bit of fame and you want to show off your virile member Gone Wild is your site.
Yassdaddy says that she will not stop uploading photos and videos, that she feels very good with her audience and that they are supporting her and giving her a lot of love. Apart from the affection she receives from her viewers she also encourages them to continue watching her videos and photographs, answers their comments, makes proposals and asks them what they would like to see. She emphasizes that it is very important to talk to the audience and interact with them as if they had known each other for a long time. She has sought out her friends and virtual fans through the network.