How to get perfect abs at home

Surely, if you are not in shape while you are reading this article, or you have been in shape you will know that having a good body and staying healthy is a difficult task, to achieve it you will have to leave behind certain habits and habits which made you have a more unhealthy and less sporty life. The pandemic has helped many people to get out of shape and gain weight because people have spent half their time on the sofa or not moving, so now is the time to start to achieve your goals for the year 2021.

Perfect abs

Living a pandemic has not helped many people, it has already been a very difficult challenge which the vast majority of people have had to overcome, the fact of not being able to go to the gym has also affected many people who used to go and now are not motivated because they do not like to train alone or because they do not have enough machinery to do exercises, but if your goal is to get abs do not worry about anything because on the internet we find the best tips and routines to achieve this challenge, you do not need to pay the monthly fee of a gym to do this type of exercise.

Abs are a desire that most people want to achieve, this makes that many studies have been done on the abs and the best ways to develop them are known. Thanks to this we have already made an important point, but now we are left with the point where most people fail. Crunches require a lot more effort and commitment than other exercises.

In this article you will read a compilation of the best tips given by fitness professionals, this will help you to achieve articles from the living room of your house.

As we have already mentioned before, you don’t need to be in a gym to develop the perfect abs, and doing it from the comfort of your own home will save you a lot of time which you can spend on other activities.

This is where the key to successful abs starts, good luck!

1. Get rid of excess fat

 The first thing you must do before doing abdominal exercises is to lose the remaining fat you have on your body. The reason for this is basically because no matter how hard you do your abs and how strong you make them, they won’t be visible because of the remaining fat on top of them and you don’t care about that. The key to getting rid of that fat can be exercise and eating a good varied diet such as fruit, grains, vegetables and lots of protein. It is important that you eat these foods and that you completely abandon industrially processed foods, all junk food and often fast food because they tend to contain junk food and processed foods.

Also to complement the diet you have to complement it with some exercise like running, walking… It has to be a cardiovascular or fat burning exercise. You will have to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

As soon as you start to lose the extra fat you have on your body, it is a good idea to start strengthening your abdominal muscles at the same time so that the fat loss goes hand in hand.

One exercise you can start with is the basic plank, this exercise is highly recommended by professionals as it exercises the main muscles of your core. Another popular exercise is the side plank, an exercise that is great for the core as opposed to other abdominal exercises which can damage your back and core, which can lead to very uncomfortable injuries in the future. Lateral planks are great for building strength in the body but they are not specific exercises for developing a good six-pack.

The next exercise that is highly recommended is the bicycle manoeuvre, this exercise helps a lot more than the side planks to develop good abs and also has the advantage that it is much more difficult to suffer a back injury.

The three exercises mentioned above are very effective exercises, but above all and what is more important is that they are much safer than the traditional squats or crunches stretched on the floor, these types of exercises end up developing in your back training problems and discomfort in the long run, although now they do not hurt you will thank me in the future when you are one of the only ones in your circle not to suffer back problems.

2. Diet is strictly important

Losing weight and getting good abs is not only based on losing excess fat, the best way to get good abs is to subject your body to a healthy diet that does not consist of processed foods, this we have to do even if we have already achieved our goal, we will have to maintain a good diet to continue our good figure. To give you an idea, an example of foods that you should eat are lots of vegetables, eliminate carbohydrates, eat lots of green leafy vegetables, and drink lots and lots of water, this type of consumption will help our body to lose weight and the only thing we need is to be disciplined and try not to skip our diet. The example of water is very important, we must replace all sugary drinks and soft drinks with water, this will help our body in a healthy way to consume what we need, it will also filter our body and help us to have a healthier body.

Diet for abs

When we stick to eating this type of unprocessed food we will notice the change, this is one of the keys to getting a good body and good abs.聽

3. Build a healthy routine and stick to it聽

People often think that to exercise at home you need very expensive and professional equipment, but the reality is that this is not the case and that all you need is a good routine and it is very important.

So don’t worry about the equipment you have at home, many of the exercises you can do can be done without any equipment and just with your own body. But make sure you stick to a routine, you could spend some time in the morning doing crunches and some time in the evening, give your abs some rest time which is very important.聽

4. You must be committed

The fitness market is very saturated, there are a lot of machines that don’t really help to build certain muscles, they are always bringing out new machines and things to be consumed by the athlete with the excuse that they improve anything. So as we have mentioned before you need to know that you don’t need all those machines worth many thousands of euros to be able to complete good routines and have a good body. Furthermore, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine there are three components that affect the development of good abs. These can be done at home and do not require machines to perform them, the three main components are: The isometric presses, or in an easier term the planks, the fast contractions which are the crunches and the stomach rotations which are the twists.

To work all the abdominal muscles it is important to do at least one of the above mentioned exercises, luckily all three can be done at home, so that is very good news.

Now we move on to explain what is the most important and difficult aspect of building abdominal strength and muscle, the most difficult aspect is engaging the abdominals, this means the act of recruiting and feeling the active muscles that are used to develop the abdominals.

5. Sleep and rest

If you ignore this and don’t sleep your body is not able to recover from exercise which causes stress to the system, this is bad for you because what the body does when you are stressed is that it grabs the fat that is in the midsection, what will happen is that no matter how much sport you do and how hard you try you will not get the six-pack you want, and that’s just because you don’t get enough sleep. So try to go to bed early if you know you have to get up early and try to get the 8 hours of sleep you need to perform well and sufficiently.

6. Don’t forget cardio

Body part specific workouts play an important role in body building, but cardio will help you get rid of those remaining fats which if you don’t get rid of you won’t be able to build the muscle you want.

One way to start with this type of exercise would be to start with a hit workout or running workout, hit workouts are high intensity workouts, you could start with a 30 minute workout and then increase the time gradually. The other option you have is to go for a run, running helps to increase the endurance and flexibility of your muscles and also helps to burn fat and does so in a more effective way than workouts that focus on a single muscle.

7. Buy some resistance bands

It is highly recommended that you make this small investment of $20 to get resistance bands. Resistance bands will allow you to get a full body workout just by using them in a small space without a large investment in equipment. Resistance bands can provide a complete workout for beginners and experts alike, it is a must have tool.

An example of how well resistance bands can work is that the athlete Tom Brandy uses them, he uses them on a daily basis, these bands help him to maintain his longevity in the world of American football, this happens basically because he has very little tension in the joints and tendons while building muscle, as you have seen they are a very good option to exercise with them. Apart from the muscular advantages they have they are also very easy to transport and store, this helps a lot to make them a good option because you can take them wherever you want and do your routine. You can find a wide variety of exercises on the internet to strengthen different muscle areas. You can start by buying bands that are not so rigid to make the exercise easier and then gradually increase the difficulty of the exercises with other types of bands.

8. Target all three abdominal areas

The six-pack is achieved by exercising and not stopping to exercise the upper abs, lower abs and obliques. The problem is that you can’t focus on one specific exercise because each abdominal exercise covers a specific area. To start with, I’m going to show you the best exercises you can start doing to strengthen your abdominal area.

Lower abdominals: To strengthen this area we are going to do an exercise called scissors, it is based on lying on your back on the floor and lifting your legs so that they are at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees. When you are in this position go up and down each leg in different directions. Up and down with each leg. Your arms should be at your sides with your palms touching the floor. When you move your leg down, raise your right leg and so on until you do at least 10 repetitions without pause.

Lower abdominals: In this case we will do an exercise which is the lifting of the legs, to do it you have to lie down facing the sky with your legs several centimetres from the floor. When you are in this position, keep your knees straight and raise and lower both legs at the same time. When you are lifting up and down it is important that your heels do not touch the ground, and that your hands stay evenly beside your legs.

Upper crunches: Again, lie down on your back and place your knees at a 45 degree angle and your feet flat on the floor, then cross your arms across your chest and evenly raise your neck up to your knees. When doing the crunches you must be careful not to bend your neck and back too much, otherwise you may suffer some kind of injury.

4. Upper abdominals:

Lie on your back to perform the exercise of lifting the hips, cross your arms across your chest as you did in the previous exercise, raise your feet so that the soles of your feet are facing the sky. At this point, lift your hips off the floor, making sure that you use your abdominals and not your kidneys. Try to repeat the operation as many times as you can, in this exercise you will notice how fat is burned.

5. Oblique push-ups:

Stand in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Once in this position continue by placing your hands on your waist and slowly bending sideways at the waist, moving your upper torso to one side, once there hold the heat and return to the starting position. Then repeat the exercise to the left and so on continuously alternating between right and left. If you see that this exercise is quite simple, you can increase the level of the exercise by using a dumbbell and placing your hands at your sides.聽

6.Oblique abdominals:

For this exercise you will have to lie on your back with your legs raised and bent at least at an angle of 45 degrees, you must also separate your legs at the width of your hips. If you find it difficult you can rest your legs on a bench or on something a little elevated, after this place your hands behind your head and use your trunk to lift the head of your shoulders off the floor and at that moment touch your right elbow with your left knee, and so on alternating between the two legs.聽 Then just return to the starting position and repeat the exercises as many times as you can.

9. You have to drink more water than a fish

If you are trying to lose the excess fat you have or what you want is to try to reduce your abs once and for all maybe there is a much simpler solution than you think, try to add as much water as you can in your diet. Apart from benefiting you because it hydrates you, it has been proven that drinking water fills you up and can take away the feeling of being hungry, water also serves to give you more energy and to eliminate waste that your body may have in your body, this will increase your metabolism.

10. Use weights to make a waistcoat.

Many professional bodybuilders use this technique to perfect their body. This is very simple, you just have to take a waistcoat that carries weight, this will help you burn calories while you do simpler exercises.