Foods you should not eat according to a nutritionist due to the risk of colon cancer

Find out which foods you should stop consuming regularly due to health risks according to an expert

Karina Bett is a londoner nutritionist and health information officer, who it’s part of the Institute of Cancer Research in the United Kingdom. Recently, she was disputed in an interview with the Daily Record about the food that increases chances of colon cancer, and the answer surprised everyone.

It is well known, the main factor that causes colon and rectal cancer it’s the age, being 90% of those affected people older than 50 years, but, factors like being overweight, physical inactivity and poor diet also contribute to a person suffering from this disease.

When we use the term “colorectal” we include both types of cancers that occur in the area of the large intestine, rectal cancer being the one that covers the last section of the digestive tube, and colon cancer, the one that affects the part of the intestine thick connecting the small intestine with the rectum.

Foods need eliminate from a diet to avoid the risk of cancer

As Karina Bett explained in his interview, “Two of the biggest sources of protein are meat and fish. Eating too much red and processed meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer”.


Although it may sound unbelievable, numerous scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of red meat and processed meat, even in small amounts, can cause colorectal cancer in a person, even if they are young.

So, eating large amounts of meat can be decisive when it comes to avoiding suffering from a type of colorectal cancer. Notwithstanding, there are several differences between these types of meat that can help manage how it is consumed.

Studies by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

According to studies done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) the matrix of red meat creates increases in the chances of getting cancer only when the people eat excessively.

While, for its part, the matrix of processed meat increases the chances of cancer when its eaten frequently, regardless of whether it happens in large or small amounts.

Proper diet to reduce the chances of having cancer

In the interview where Karina Bett explained the risk of eating processed meat and red meat, she said the next declaration: “If you eat a lot of processed meat, you better switch to fresh chicken, fish or legumes. They are very beneficial”.

health food

Foods like chicken or legumes have a high fiber content, which has been shown to reduce the risk of suffering from any type of cancer. So, have a control on the consumption of meat and eating more fiber has a very positive effect on the health of an individual. Of course, it is not recommended to follow a diet completely free of red or processed meat, since these have several key nutrients, especially proteins and minerals, that are necessary for optimal health.

To have a healthy diet, weekly a person has to eat 500 grams of meat, of which 200 grams should be red meat, and consume between 20 to 40 grams of fiber daily, this latter depending on the age of the person.

As we have already said, cancer is a disease that needs different factors to develop and, even so, it is unknown with certainty how to prevent someone from suffering from it.

So, unfortunately, following this diet, even if it radically lowers the chances of getting colorectal cancer, does not completely prevent a person getting other types of cancer.