Give your home a new look with these furniture and décor products that are killing it at Walmart

Discover which are the design products that will make your home look like a magazine

Walmart is one of the largest and most complete stores in the United States and always has interesting products that are worth buying to improve your day to day life, that is why below we will tell you about the most popular products at the moment on the multinational so you can renew your spaces in your home

They are very different products such as TV furniture, beds, sofas, lamps, bed linen sets… that present the greatest elegance and will give your home a much more beautiful and comfortable look.

Walmart Products

Walmart has a wide variety of products for the home, many of them with attractive designs for all kinds of customers. Below we will show you the most popular ones currently in the giant American store. 

Entertainment credenza from Better Homes & Gardens

Give your home a modern touch with this sideboard from Better Homes & Gardens, this beautiful piece of furniture can serve as a TV stand with the capacity to hold a TV up to 60 inches making it an ideal choice for a large, central space in your home. Or even in your bedroom, something possible thanks to its great versatility. 

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This sideboard also has double doors to store personal items, plus two adjustable shelves to store glasses, books, dinnerware, table sets and anything else you desire, with full extension slides and a perforated metal door that can be conveniently lifted back for easy access to storage. 

In addition to this it has the possibility to allow access to cables through the closed back so you can keep all your cables and wires clean and out of the way. 

Desert Fields Modern Boho Solid Wood Platform Queen Bed

Give yourself the opportunity to enlarge the space where you rest with the Desert Fields Queen Bed, this is a solid wood construction bohemian style bed ideal for not only enlarging your space, but also to give your bedroom a more personal and eye-catching touch. 

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This bed has a classic mid-century style, creates an eccentric aesthetic, includes three additional support legs, it does not require a bed base allowing you to save a little. It is also important to clarify that this product does not include the mattress, this must be purchased separately. 

Mainstays Shelves Farmhouse Slim Garment Rack

Improve the way you organize your clothes with this modern coat rack, ideal to place anywhere thanks to its attractive design and lightweight. It has a solid construction that ensures a long service life, with two lower shelves ideal for storing your shoes, sweaters, towels, coats and other garments. 

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Additionally it also has a top shelf for hanging or storing less commonly used items, an ideal rack to place in a bedroom, guest room or hallway. An easy and ideal way to better organize your clothes. 

Phantoscope Quilted Velvet 

These are stunning decorative cushions with quilted velvet braided texture from Phantoscope brand are ideal for adding an elegant yet soft design to your home spaces. These pillows are available in 4 different sizes and up to 12 colors. They also come with covers and inserts made of high quality eco-friendly polyester to ensure durability. 

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These cushions are easy to wash and care for, they can be washed by hand or in the washing machine without any risk of shrinkage, ideal pillows for sofas, beds, living rooms and even cars. 

Hotel Style 500 Thread Count Luxury Sheet

This bed sheet set perfectly combines luxury and elegance with functionality and durability, has an attractive hotel style design, to ensure greater comfort mixes 3 fibers of cotton, polyester and lyocell having all the possible comfort in one place. 

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This product has a very strong and durable sheet construction and features the patented “Flexi-Fit” technology, this means that the sheets will fit the bed no matter what size it is, this sheet set includes the fitted sheet and a pair of pillowcases with a decorative stitch on the header for extra detail. 

Product prices

Many of these products may vary in price according to the catalog where they are purchased due to offers that may be active. Similarly if you do not want to go out to make your purchase remember that you can also do it directly from the official website of Walmart. 

Below we will dictate the price list of the products in order of appearance:

  • Entertainment credenza from Better Homes & Gardens US$ 239.00
  • Desert Fields Modern Boho Solid Wood Platform Queen Bed US$ 345.00
  • Mainstays Shelves Farmhouse Slim Garment Rack US$ 78.50 
  • Phantoscope Quilted Velvet US$ 32.00
  • Hotel Style 500 Thread Count Luxury Sheet US$ 60.00