How to ask a woman out

The fact of approaching a girl is something that gets on the nerves of most men, it is a fact that is affected by many situations and details. You can feel embarrassed and rejected and that hurts most people, after this article we will try to let you know that nothing happens and also what are the best ways to approach a woman.

Approaching a woman and trying to pick her up is something you have to do, so the sooner you know how to do it right and in the right way, the more successful you will be in the world of women.

You have to expose yourself, and you know it’s a risk, but it’s the only way to get that sweet reward, so know that you will fail and that you won’t get it right many times, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to do it much better and ensure your success. And as you may have heard many times, if you don’t risk you don’t win. So you know, if you want to date the person you like you will have to take a risk and take some kind of risk at some point.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you can’t guarantee success, and that’s the first lesson you should learn, the more times you try and the more times you fail the more chances you will have to get what you want in the future. So I want you to understand that there are certain ways and strategies that you have to follow to be able to achieve it, it is not as easy as it seems and sometimes you don’t have to do it in the most natural way as you thought, the patterns will make you understand how to do it and depending on how the person reacts you can understand what you are looking like to them. This can be done face to face or through a mobile phone conversation but always in a nice and non-scary way. The following steps will give you the best chance of getting what you want and getting a date with the most beautiful woman you have ever seen and the one in your dreams. Good luck!

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1. Check to see if it’s going to be possible.

When you want to ask someone out this is the first way to check if she is going to be willing or not.

For starters I’m going to tell you that if the woman you want to get is in a stable relationship 99.9% of the time it’s going to be a very quick and very hard no, so if you know that my advice to you is don’t even try. It will be a waste of everyone’s time. It’s not always easy to find out if she’s in a relationship or single, especially if you meet her through a bar and it’s the first time you’ve seen her, but if it’s someone you know through a friend or an acquaintance find out if she’s single or not because if she’s not you could be making a pretty big fuck up.

Having said all this, even if she is single she doesn’t have to want to go out with you, that’s why the first impression is the most important, if you have met on an app like tinder you already have the photos and you already know her face, and so does she of you, so make sure you look like the one in the photos and don’t do anything stupid, because, even if she has liked you through a screen maybe she doesn’t like your personality and you can screw it up, so be careful. Another problem that can happen is that the conversation can stagnate, so if that’s the case it’s probably not the perfect match.

In conclusion, I advise you to approach with caution, be a gentleman and a good example of a man, and see where things go.

2. Get a sense of whether she is interested or not.

By this I mean that you can tell what she thinks of you by the way she looks at you and how she responds to you, so you will know where things are going before you have finished the conversation with her. Try not to go in cold so you will be much better off, gauge her level of interest, try to follow the conversation through her responses and behaviour, watch her expressions a lot.

Think about these questions, have you spoken to her before? If you have, answer How did it go? Do you think you got on well with her, do you think she thinks the same as you, and if not, what can you do to change her mind? These questions answered in a good way could mean that she has some interest in you, so keep working hard to make it happen in the end. Pay attention to all the details before making the most intimate approach so that it goes well.

3. Consider time and place for success

When you have the courage to approach the girl you are attracted to, keep in mind that the situation and the place you are in is very important to ensure your success, so choose the time carefully. I give you a simple example, I do not advise you to ask her out if her friends are nearby or her relatives, it can also happen if she is in one of her daily activities, it can be going to work or shopping, however trivial it may seem, it influences the woman’s decision. This can happen because they don’t want to be interrupted and increase the chances that she will answer with a terrible NO. All because you didn’t wait for the right moment and in an inappropriate environment.

So what is the ideal environment then, you may be wondering? Well, it depends to some extent on how well you get to know the girl, usually in the places she frequents or where she might be in a better mood. One thing you might not know is that you should try to invite her in a place where you can smell that it is a romantic moment, you have to be respectful and make her feel comfortable, this can help you to make her want to spend more time with you, and that is always a good sign.

4.  Look your best and look your best

The step that all men should know and that seems basic, but is rarely put into practice. With this step you will drastically increase your chances, having your hair freshly washed and combed, having your nails trimmed, and smelling good are things that women care a lot about since most of them try to take care of themselves as much as possible. Apart from these kinds of details think also about your attire, with this don’t worry because you don’t need to wear a three-piece suit, but make sure you are well dressed.

To think about what you thought before your appearance is not the most important thing and can be considered superficial, but having the best possible appearance increases your level of self-esteem and also shows that you have self-esteem and that you pay attention to details, this kind of signals are important because women pick them up so they are things that will also help you.

Again, it is not necessary to wear a suit but the main idea is to be fresh, clean and at the same time look self-respecting.

5. Be confident when approaching

We know it’s not easy and what you have to do is at least look like it, think about it, if you approach a girl with your voice shaking and not at all sure of yourself, do you think you’re going to succeed? Well clearly not, so try to relax, even if you are scared to death inside you, calm down, breathe and go on the attack my friend, practice relaxation exercises when you are alone and with experience you will learn to speak in a different way. Compare the situation in which you are scared with the one in which you show confidence, clearly women choose people who are confident, this can happen for two reasons, because they are already distrustful or because they are very confident and want someone who brings them even more confidence.

When it comes to asking someone out, both parties are usually uncomfortable, the one who asks is afraid of being rejected, and the girl who is being asked is put in a compromising position depending on what is being asked. This problem can be advantageous and does not force the conversation and the interaction of the two people to be perfect, but you have to have good faith and take things more lightly in case the conversation gets complicated.聽

The key to success is to talk to women as if you were talking to friends or people you trust, but in a way that is a little more flirtatious. If you do it with this ease, you will succeed.

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This is to do it in person, but how would it be if it were through a chat room?

Well, it’s even easier, take it easy because she’s not looking at your face, sometimes it’s a good idea to ask a friend who can help you because he has a lot of experience, also try not to beat around the bush and get straight to the point. If we had to highlight something that is probably a disadvantage is that being through a chat your answer may never come, but don’t worry, think that if you don’t make the effort to ask the no you already have it, so you don’t lose anything, you can only win. But if the answer never comes, don’t worry, think that it wasn’t made for you and that it’s not the right one, you can move on to the next one.

6. Have a basic script ready just in case.

With this point I don’t want you to think that you have to have studied the guidelines for speaking and that you have to be guided by ready-made sentences, but with this you should know that it is important to have a basic idea of what you want to say and how you are going to say it, the keys that you have to think about are: How am I going to open the conversation? What am I going to say after he answers me? How am I going to ask him out?

Go straight to the point, don’t worry that there will be more times so don’t go in with fear, make your intentions clear, this way you will avoid a conclusion and you will have more chances to get an answer that seems positive to you.

7. Think you are going to win and prepare something else after your victory.

The title is basically what you have to do, follow your initial plan and succeed, imagine that this happens and you say yes, very good friend! But also imagine that the time comes for the date and he is terribly nervous and doesn’t know what to say, and is stammering scared to death, at that point there are two problems, he will think that he is not giving her any importance and that he is a jerk, two things that he doesn’t want the girl to think at all.

The most common option but the one that is the most reliable is to have a few drinks in a good bar or dinner somewhere good, completely avoid telling her that you don’t know what to do, or ask her where you want to go when she asks you what you are going to do. In this case propose a time and tell her what you had thought, if at that moment she is blank and you don’t know what to say tell her a time that you will pick her up and that it is a surprise, the simplest and good thing because it impacts them. It is very good to interact before a first date, but it is always better to have that conversation on the first date, avoid being bland and boring, as we have said before, show confidence and security in yourself.

8. Don’t be afraid of rejection

Pray or do whatever makes you feel better but rejection is something that at one time or another will happen to you, it is something that will help you and will also save you some unpleasantness with some kind of women. If she doesn’t want to go out with you for some reason, you just have to accept it and try to get over it as soon as possible, but above all learn so that it doesn’t happen again, experience in this world is what will help you the most, and you only get it through rejection.

You can’t ask all the time and not stop insisting as if you were a child asking for candy, you have to show that you are an adult, that you are an educated and discreet person, if she says no when you ask her if she wants to go out with you, don’t act like a child, show her that you are a man, you can’t take the rejection as something personal, it can be caused by many aspects and there are many possibilities that it is not your fault, the factors that influence in the long run you will be able to get to know them and you will improve them little by little to improve your strategies to ask a woman out. Another thing you need to know is that the more relaxed you are and the more calmly you take things, the better things can usually go for you and your self-esteem can improve a lot.

9. Give her space

It is very important that you do it, if you do not know each other do not harass her, show interest in proportion to the interest she shows, if she is a girl who passes you by and most of the guys are after her, take her down from her pedestal, put her on your level and make her see that you are the right man in her life, but always with respect and kindness. Women like men who they think they can’t get to them, so playing hard to get in a certain way can work with many women. Always try to watch and observe her behaviour and the micro expressions she has, this will help you to see where you are going and if she deserves to keep giving it all to you.

In conclusion I have to say that none of these steps are an exact science which if you follow them will help you 100% to get what you want, but instead they will help you to fulfill your proposals and increase your chances in a drastic way, so relax, it is a game of statistics and numbers, so the more you try things the more chances there are that things will work out well for you.

Remember soldier, things can get better and that everything is possible in life, you just have to wait for the right person who is out there waiting for someone like you, lots of encouragement!

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