History of the Morse Code

Before telephones even existed before cabin phones, Morse code was the new way of communicating at a distance and sending messages. It is more than 150 years old but still used on some radios and on boats whether military, recreational or fishing.

Some of the ways to start having contact with the world of Morse code was by going to the boy scouts, the boy scouts practiced and taught them the basic language of Morse code, some people have also learned it from their ancestors like their grandparents and have been transmitting it to the family throughout their lives. If you are going to start learning Morse code it is a very enjoyable and peculiar job to have fun and share it with your friends or family.

The History of Morse Code

The Morse code was invented by Mr. Samuel F.B. Morse in the year 1829.

His story begins when he started working on a telegraph in the 1930s, he saw that something more was needed to be more accurate in communication between people and began to develop Morse code in the year 1850. After many practices and many changes along the history it was possible to establish this code used all over the world that serves as base for all the languages. The Morse code began only transmitting a series of numbers and later it was evolving in some words like SOS. After this evolution, letters and dots began to be introduced without the need to change it to the letters of our language.

The year 1844 was a very important year for Mr. Morse, it was the year in which he took his invention in front of the congress to be approved. In May 1844 the first message was transmitted.

If we study the device to retransmit the Morse code in the first years of its use we will see that it had a white paper where you put and rewrote the messages that were sent. The language used by these was with dots and symbols that along disappeared and could only be identified by the ear of those who were listening.

The evolution of this invention was very great and did not stop growing over time. Ten years after they began to practice, there were already more than 23,000 lines of Morse code being heard and sent across the country.

After its invention it was used by a lot of sectors, the railway companies, the train stations communicated with each other. This developed a symptom that everyone wanted to communicate across the country with their friends and family.

You could distinguish two types of Morse code used, in Europe a special one had been created and in the USA you had another one called American Morse code.

The radio we know today was invented in 1980, from then on the Morse code started to be used by ships to talk with the Morse code through the radio. The success of this language was very great and as a result an international type of code had to be developed, this code would serve for international connections such as from one end of the ocean to another.

The companies of railroads of EE. UU. continued using the code that before had developed because it was but radio of sending and of understanding. Because of the new Morse code the railroad code is almost extinct and very few people use it.

The Morse code was extremely important, it was demanded to all types of land and air soldiers to be able to work, this was so until the year 1989.

Right now Morse code is used relatively little, it is practiced a little by beginners who start in radio and little else. Although in the United States you needed to learn it if you wanted to get your radio license until 2007. As if it were a driving test.