Are Electric toothbrushes good for you?

The market of the Oral care is growing, especially the electric toothbrushes, for some years these brands have told us how they are noticing a much larger consumption of electric toothbrushes. This market tells us that it does not stop expanding and that new needs are being created.

Now the question is for you, if you have not purchased an electric toothbrush is it worth investing money in one?

Well the answer is yes, any toothbrush even if it is electric and disposable is much better than a conventional manual toothbrush, it is scientifically proven that plaque is eliminated much faster and much more plaque than that is the most important thing, the most difficult to reach teeth are much more accessible with an electric toothbrush. But if you have not understood this, here we are going to make a comparison of the two brushes.

Electric vs manual brush

Well, here both have their strongest points and the weakest points, the electric brush reaches areas that are very important for brushing the plates, many people when using the manual brushes overlook many very important areas that sometimes not even pass the brush by them.

But that if although it is electric does not mean that it makes magic, the manual brushes are much softer and are made to clean below the gums and the separations of the teeth with great precision. Although it is important to note that if a manual toothbrush is used well and knows how to use it is much better than an electric toothbrush, there is no study that proves that, but it is what is believed among many professional dentists.

Although for most people who do not have dental studies, electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes seem much better and faster for their oral care, there are very few people who manage to go back to manual brushing after using an electric toothbrush.

If you are reading this article and you don’t have an electric toothbrush yet, you will have to search a lot because it is a difficult decision. It requires patience and searching, but here I will put the most important factors that you have to take into account if you are going to buy an electric toothbrush.

1. A good battery

An extremely important point, this can save you the disappointment of starting to brush your teeth and finishing with the battery before you finish, believe me it is a very bad feeling. It is important that you choose it with a long life and that you don’t have to worry about your battery.

2. A brush that has its own settings

This is very important depending on whether you have strong and healthy teeth and gums, if not it is important that you buy a brush where you can adjust the power or the use you want to give it.

3. Speed of movement

The ideal for the rotation of the head of the toothbrush is that its rotation ranges between 3,500 and 7,500 rotations per minute.

4. Artificial intelligence

Nowadays, toothbrushes are connected via bluetooth to our phones, with this they collect information about our brushing and so we can see how healthy we are.

How to use our brush optimally

It is important to optimize our brushing because it is not the same as a manual brush, the curves that are formed with a manual brush cannot be imitated with an electric one so we must maximize its effectiveness.

1. Hold the brush in a soft way, you don’t have to squeeze too much, and it is recommended to point it towards the gum line.

2. DO NOT apply pressure and let the brush do its job while you pass from tooth to tooth quietly

3.聽It is important to spend at least 2 minutes brushing your mouth, 30 seconds in each area (left up and down and right up and down). Do not forget the inside of your mouth as what is in contact with our tongue when it is at rest.