This is the low cost lip gloss that all influencers love: instant volume

The secret of the influencers to have spectacular lips in just a few seconds

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social networks and through it many tricks and beauty products have been viralized, thanks to the tiktokers also many makeup techniques with different products have been made known, a makeup base with great coverage but still leaves a natural effect, also a volcanic stone roller and many more interesting products. 

This time the social network and its influencers do it again bringing us what has become one of the desires of many, a product with which you can show off fuller lips without having to inject hyaluronic acid, something that is not to the liking of many. 

To achieve this end in a more natural way, volumizers have emerged that give a spectacular full lips effect, but although it is a product that has become very popular, not all achieve the same effect. That’s why this volumizer that we bring you thanks to TikTok has become so popular in recent days

Hydrating & Plumping Intense Lip Gloss, by Sephora Collection

This magical product that has enchanted many influencers and that does not stop appearing on the social network is the Hydrating & Plumping Intense Lip Gloss, from Sephora Collection a volumizer that leaves a spectacular result without much effort. The secret behind this volumizer is that it contains chili extract and peppermint oil which helps naturally to get that result we are looking for in our lips.

This volumizer is currently available in only 2 shades but it is expected that in the future a greater variety of shades will be available, it can be used as a gloss alone or on top of another lipstick to give it more strength, this product is currently only available in the United States but it has been announced that it will soon arrive in Europe and other parts of the world. 

For now in the rest of the world only the previous version of this product is available, which is also highly recommended but its effectiveness is much lower than the new Hydrating & Plumping Intense Lip Gloss, this is because it does not have the 2 ingredients that we mentioned previously which help to give a more lasting and professional effect. 

Sephora Collection Hydrating & Plumping Intense Lip Gloss Price

This product since its release has delighted all its consumers and although it is not for sale officially in the rest of the world it is available through online purchases on the Sephora website, although in many cases you will have to hire a third party international shipping company due to the shipping limitation of the brand of this product currently. 

The Hydrating & Plumping Intense Lip Gloss has a cost of 12 $ and its price for Europe is expected not to exceed 13 euros, making it a much more affordable option than other lip plumpers that we can find in the market. In addition to this, a plus is that it has the guarantee of the Sephora brand behind it, which guarantees a product of undeniable quality. 

The effect we can achieve with this product is natural but looks just as good as what can be achieved with hyaluronic acid injections. Get a spectacular effect in just a few seconds and for a long time with the Hydrating & Plumping Intense Lip Gloss.

Product reviews

Thanks to the viralization of this through TikTok are many users who have expressed their opinion regarding its quality and the vast majority recommend it, the main complaint is the lack of availability of this product in other countries outside the United States, but also often highlights the speed of the brand when it comes to facilitating shipments to other countries with third party shipping companies. 

In addition to this the most praised point is the incredibly low price of it when compared to other similar products making it currently the most desired volumizer by many women.