Adidas triumphs with the sneakers of the past and matches with your outfits this spring

Remember good times every time you see these shoes with a design that generates nostalgia

Adidas has released a new line that uses nostalgia as its main fuel. These sneakers are trending this season as they have the eye-catching “Y2K” aesthetic. The biggest hook of these sneakers is the advertising campaign that has deployed the brand as they use nostalgia as the main eye-catcher complementing this perfectly with its name “Always Original”

The brand with this new line seeks to give the voice and visibility to women who have always been denied, having as their main objective to create a positive and necessary social change in the current thinking. This line has iconic sneakers like the “Astir” and the result is fascinating because it can be combined with different looks without any problem. 

Adidas Astir

The new adidas model 

This model is inspired by the 2000’s and all the aesthetics handled during that time, these sneakers remind us of the ones that JLo used to wear when she wore low rise jeans non-stop and a Paris Hilton who combined her pants with dresses on top, a very striking and cool way in that era that today seeks to return.聽

Undoubtedly they were other times and adopting exactly those styles today could look different from what we remember, that’s why Adidas with these sneakers also adds new details that make them also combine perfectly with the current era and with many looks both contemporary and more current, but always with that “nostalgic” tone that seeks to sell. 

Zapatilla Astir Adidas

This model is very comfortable to use and thanks to the colors that handles are very easy to combine with many different pieces that we can have in our closet being the pink, blue and fuchsia, the colors that best combine with these shoes. 

The Adidas Astir story

These sneakers have been recently launched by Adidas to remind us that women have great freedom when choosing how they want to look as they seek, to remember those iconic styles that celebrities had in the past when they sought to have complete freedom in their outfits, and something that the brand wants to show is that today you can do without as many limitations as in the past.聽

These sneakers are available at all the Adidas stores worldwide for a price of聽 $100, although this price may vary according to the country and the local currency conversion.聽

Adidas Astir Buy

In addition to this, Adidas with this new line seeks to bring to us successes from the past to the present, seeking to demonstrate that styles never die and disappear, but are transformed to return again with much more strength than in the past.

To conclude, the brand with these sneakers seeks to show its way of inclusion with women so that other brands of clothing and shoes in general also offer them exclusive garments with a more general touch where what matters mainly is the freedom to choose any style you want.