How to be more productive

We know that finding a motivation and making a routine to achieve your goals is not easy. This is one of the main reasons why this article is being written.

Finding this motivation to work and to perform at the maximum is very difficult, so trying to find small details that can help us to get our work done is very important in order to reach our goals. These tips can also be applied to sport or other goals you want to achieve in life. We could say that there are infinite reasons why knowing these little tips will help us to increase our productivity on a daily basis and to be able to perform in a better way.

One of the most basic tricks that we know is persistence, to persist and to have a rhythm in which you do not stop is very useful to reach your objectives, do not try to work a lot one day and to do nothing the next. It is very important that you are clear about what persistence means, your work rhythm cannot be like the mountains and valleys, one day you work all day long and you are as high as a mountain and the next day you are as low as a valley, the best thing you can do is to be like a hill, not too high as a mountain and not too low as a valley.

This trick will take you to another level in terms of your work rhythm, you can reach your goals in a much faster way.

This technique is used by directors and owners of very important companies which when asked about the use of time have all answered the same, none have said that persistence was bad, or that it was not necessary or obligatory to get what you wanted.

There are other types of advice, which I will mention below, but the one they have most agreed on is that of persistence, so it has to be the most outstanding.


Laws to be productive.

The trick of the email folders

The email folders can be a weapon that plays in your favor, it is important that if you have a very crowded mailbox and if you get an email every 3 minutes is important to move them to subgroups of folders, go moving your emails to places where they should be as, customers, client service, business, promotions, meetings …

If you manage to move the emails to different folders they will know which are the most important and which are not, or where they come from and what they want.

You’ll be able to have a very tidy inbox and will see all the messages they send you, you won’t miss any.

Your workplace is important

The importance of clearing your mind when you have been working for 6 hours without stopping is very important, an example is the static bike, there are people who use it to be able to work and read emails while sitting on the bike. By using the bike you activate other regions of your brain, you’re doing an exercise that you haven’t practiced and you’re distracting the body in order to keep up with your work. You’ll be relieving stress and also eliminating fatigue, you’ll be activating your body for a while so you can keep working at a good tempo.

The use of headphones is good

Make your co-workers aware that when you are with the headset they cannot disturb you, use it to clear your head or to relax. If the headset helps you concentrate, that’s fine too, but keep in mind that not everyone can concentrate with the headset.

You can use them, even if you are not listening to anything, it will serve as a symbol to other people that you are working on something important, or that you need not be disturbed during that same time.

Writing down what you have to do is important

It is important to spend time on this list. It can be done in different ways, it can be done weekly, daily or even hourly. Knowing what you have to do and having it planned will help you in a big way even if it doesn’t seem like it.

A list of other ways you can do it is of what you want to achieve and your daily, weekly or monthly goals. This list will allow you to see over time what you need to do to achieve your goals. At the end of the period of time you have set yourself to achieve your goals, it will help you to see if you have achieved them, exceeded them or not come close to them.

When you think about your actions, you will see that you have done well and what has helped you, or that you have done badly and it has not helped you at all. You will be able to see your mistakes and correct them so that they will not be repeated. Over time it will help you to see and know many things about yourself and to make yourself better by avoiding those mistakes.

Before you start, take a look at what you have to do and assimilate it in your head.

Make sure that the list is of the most important things, if not, you can get lost in the less important jobs and these will take your time.

You can work from home!

This point is important to understand, it is important to know that working from home does not mean having the schedule you want, that you can eat quietly and then take a nap, or get up late. If you do or think you can do these kinds of activities while working from home, it is important to know that you are not and that you should avoid them as much as possible, but how can you avoid them? Create a routine and schedule that can not be broken for any reason, have your work planned and appropriate to the hours you can do will make you perform much better and without distractions, allow yourself to rest as long as you have planned in your schedule.

One of the main reasons why working from home can be more productive is that your mind will be clearer.


The location of your work area is important

Learn this, having a good desk in a good area, can totally change your perspective on work and your use of time in reference to work performance.

Having a desk close to sunlight will help you perform better and not notice so much fatigue, lack of sunlight can cause you to be tired, which develops lack of productivity. Being so long in a space with artificial light and absence of sunlight can make you dizzy or as I said before will cause fatigue. If you cannot change your desk position in any way, try to have a very bright lamp that gives you good light.

You can take naps at work!

If you change the habit of spending 20 minutes for lunch and 3 minutes for the rest of the time, take a little nap. This will change your work rhythm and is proven to increase your productivity in a very high way.

DO NOT work with several things at once

Multitasking won’t help you make the most of your time, so if you’re already struggling with one task, imagine doing several at once.

Concentrate fully on one job, when you’re done you can move on to the next. It’s very important that you follow these steps to get the tasks done.

Take a walk after you finish

Just like reading emails while riding a bike will also help you relax your mind and perform better; it is important that you do this exercise at the end of a task and that you have this ride in your schedule.

When you finish your work, get up from your chair, turn around the table, look at the farthest point of the room through the window, stretch your muscles, wash your face, drink some water and that’s it, you can go back to perform as before.

Saying NO is important

The first important factor you need to realize is that if you say no to a question or a plan, you are saying no to other things like a task.  Imagine that if you were told to go to lunch now with your friends or partner, would you say yes? In that case, if you said yes, you would be saying no to the question above. You would be answering no, to not finish your work.