Amazon kills it with these 10 must have kitchen appliances for the best price

The best-valued products at low prices, ideal to make our day-to-day kitchen life easier

Amazon has great products thanks to its huge catalog in which we can get power, quality, efficiency and fast, this is something necessary in our day to day with any electronic product especially in those for the kitchen, that’s why here we present 10 essential items that you can get on the digital platform at an excellent price. 

Getting an appliance on this digital platform is a task that is becoming slightly more complicated due to the great variety that there is, plus many of these appliances are of excellent quality, but the important thing is always to know what we need and so we can find that product that best suits our needs. 

Kitchen essentials

Amazon is a digital platform that offers not only quality but a great security when making your purchase, and that is something that despite everything, is not so easy to get. All these products that we present below have fast shipping and some of these you can get free according to the city where you send the product. 

Microwave with Grill CANDY

Candy is one of the best rated brands in home appliances within Amazon, this time we have a first generation microwave model Grill Candy CMXG20DR stainless steel.

Microwave with Grill CANDY

This is a microwave with a button interface, a capacity of 20 liters, 40 different operating programs and up to 5 different power levels. 

70 L electric oven Candy brand

Candy is another of the best rated brands in appliances within the digital platform, this time we get this 70 L electric oven made of stainless steel with mechanical controls and double glass door. 


The oven dimensions are 595 x 595 x 545 mm, ideal for embedding, has a classic design in addition to a great resistance, has a total of 4 functions for baking reaching maximum temperatures of 200 掳 C, ideal for cooking desserts and any type of food in general. 

HISENSE 3 zone induction cooktop

This is an eco-friendly induction cooktop with 3 cooking bulbs, this is also one of the best rated appliances currently on Amazon being another “Amazon Choice“, the same has an area of 59.5 cm wide by 5.8 cm high. 

Hisense I6341CB Placa Inducci贸n

The induction cooktop has 3 different sized bulbs to fit your utensils and has a touch control panel. 

SAUBER Combi refrigerator

Amazon has on offer this striking refrigerator, the same is made of stainless steel and has spacious interior compartments, is how “Amazon Choice” thanks to its large number of positive reviews. 

Sauber Frigor铆fico Combi SERIE 3-175I - F

This is the 3-175-F series model and measures 1790 x 555 x 580 cm in height, width and depth, it also has a compact design and two glass tray hatches. 

SAUBER brand upright freezer

This is an essential appliance which currently has an incredible price on Amazon, it is available only in white and handles a power of 220 kW with measures 58 x 55 x 85 cm. 


It is an ideal freezer to organize the food you need to keep frozen as it has compartments with transparent drawers, very resistant, practical and spacious. 

Dishwasher winia by DAEWOO 

The model WVW13A1ESO of Winia, is a stainless steel dishwasher from Daewoo, it has dimensions of 59.8 x 85 cm and currently ranks as one of the dishwashers with the best ratings in the market and with one of the best prices. 

Dishwasher Winia Daewoo WVW13A1ESI

This is a dishwasher that has 13 different washing services and is very delicate when dealing with the dishes, protecting them and cleaning them in a spectacular way. 

SAUBER chimney hood

SAUBER is one of the most popular brands on Amazon and that best reviews accumulates on the web platform, this product is a stainless steel fireplace with 5-layer absorbent filters that can be installed on the wall, it measures 45 x 60 x 57 cm. 

SAUBER chimney hood

This is a fireplace with an elegant and perfect finish with LED lighting incorporation, also has the special function of progressive shutdown which allows that even after the hood can continue to absorb the smoke from the stove for about 10 minutes. 

HISENSE 2 door refrigerator

This is a 2-door stainless steel refrigerator without water or ice dispenser, it has side-by-side refrigerators and its capacity is 516 L, it has top quality technology with an A++ efficiency which means that it is environmentally friendly. 

HISENSE 2 door refrigerator

It cools in a uniform way avoiding also the distribution of bad odors coming from decomposed food, it has a great variety of shelves and compartments to properly organize vegetables, dairy products, fruits as well as any type of food that we keep. 

BEKO evacuation dryer

When washing is always important to have a powerful dryer, but friendly with our clothes, this is one that will help you with that purpose. This is a model of the Beko brand and its evacuation system is quite efficient, besides being very economical thanks to the discount that currently has on the digital platform. 

BEKO evacuation dryer

This dryer is found as “Amazon Choice” thanks to the large number of positive reviews that manage the same. It has dimensions of 58.4 x 59.7 x 85.6 cm and supports up to 8 kg of laundry.

SAUBER washing machine 1 – 5100 series

There are many efficient washing machines available in the market but the Sauber Series 1 – 5100 is one of the easiest to use, it has a capacity of 5 kg and has up to 15 different washing cycles with a maximum speed of up to 1000 RPM and a voltage of 220. 

SAUBER washing machine 1-5100 series

This washing machine allows a fast wash cycle or even an ultra fast one, besides it is an ecological appliance thanks to the fact that its use not only reduces the consumption of energy, but also of water and detergent. 

Product prices

The prices of each of the previously mentioned products are listed below in order of appearance:

  • Microwave with Grill CANDY: 75$ (discount of 120$)
  • 70 L electric oven Candy brand: 135$ (discount of 29%)
  • HISENSE 3-zone induction cooktop: 180$ (discount of 200$)
  • SAUBER combi refrigerator: 380$ (discount of 429$)
  • SAUBER brand upright freezer: 380$ (discount of 430$)
  • Dishwasher winia by DAEWOO: 285$聽
  • SAUBER chimney hood: 72$ (discount of 139$)
  • HISENSE 2-door refrigerator: 600$
  • BEKO evacuation dryer: 245$
  • SAUBER washing machine 1 – 5100 series: 205$ (discount of 300$)

These are very useful products that will help us to facilitate the duties in the kitchen, optimizing our time to be more free, each of these products has discounts for a limited time that is worth taking advantage of, in addition to this their shipments, this according to the place of delivery, you can get free, they usually take from 12 hours to a maximum of 7 days.