17 Best valentine’s day gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that usually comes with gifts that are already very typical and are typically prescribed, these products are usually for example a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, a letter written by you saying how much you love her and blah blah blah, in short, all this style of typical gifts usually does not stand out and make everyone see that you are not very creative or that you do not put enough desire.

So if you already know that you need to give her something, take advantage of this article and give her something that she doesn’t expect and that will surprise her. So now you know, giving things as gifts is fine, but you can think of something more personal and elaborate to make an impact.

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while, or you’ve just started and don’t know her very well, Valentine’s Day is a day when you have to spoil her a lot, and show that you are in love. To show her that you are in love you can choose a nice detail which you know she will like, to make your task a little easier we are going to propose a series of gifts which are going to be divided by themes, you will find from practical and useful things for the day to day to more intimate things to do as a couple, so you will have a variety of ideas and you can choose the one you like the most. We have also tried to put items in all price ranges so you can choose how much money you want to spend.

Something important to remember about this day is that the date does not change, it is not a holiday that changes like Easter or Thanksgiving, so you know, every year Valentine’s Day will be on the 14th of February.

Above all, make a note of it because if you miss it or make a plan with your friends that night, you could get a good scolding.

The best gifts for her

Earrings: What’s better than a good earring? Well, clearly two good earrings. If you want to spend money I recommend that you buy her some good gold or silver earrings, it is also important that you look at the jewellery she usually wears to choose if they are going to be gold or silver, women always tend to wear the same colour of earrings, so before messing up, analyse the colour and style of the earrings she usually wears. Compare the price and quality of this posibilities.


It is true that we can think that fresh flowers are a typical Valentine’s Day gift that is given very often, but of course, even if it is a classic gift, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like it or that she doesn’t enjoy it. When it comes to flowers you can choose from various types of colours and styles of flowers. You can choose between a typical bouquet of roses or an elegant orchid, or a typical air plant flower. To make sure you don’t make a mistake I recommend that a few days in advance you start to see what type of flowers you are looking for and ask around at a florist where they can help you and you can see the quality of the flowers they have. This will help you a lot to know what flowers to give her and to give her the best quality flowers and the ones that are in the best condition.

San Valentine present

Matching underwear

This gift has advantages and disadvantages, the main advantages that we could explain would be that it is a functional gift, a gift which serves a purpose and is a nice gesture, I do not think you can go wrong if you buy underwear set, apart from underwear you have many more things like pajamas, dressing gowns, trousers at home … As you can see there are many options and you just have to look a little, you can also find clothes with some style prints or more solid colours. My advice is to try to buy clothes that are useful, it is also very important the quality of the product, its materials are likely to make you like it more or less. Look for materials that are breathable and soft, also try to look for things that are made with sustainable fabrics and that are made in your country, not from China.

A good book that suits her tastes

A book is a gift which is highly valued by women if they like reading, if this is your case it is important that you give her something to her taste, to know what style of books she likes you don’t need to ask her, just look at the books she has read before and you will find out what style of books she likes and entertains her. An example which your partner is likely to like is the book Modern Love, revised and updated, its author is Daniel Jones, a book based on the Amazon Prime series, Modern Love, a touching, hilarious and heartbreaking series, you can read the book without having seen the series, you will still understand what it is about and it will transmit similar feelings to those of watching the series. The book contains some of the best essays on the series from the last 15 years of Modern Love’s history, including the 8 essays in the Amazon Prime series.聽

San valentine book

A good bathrobe

Giving her a good bathrobe will make her think she is in a luxury spa 7 days a week 24 hours a day, a good bathrobe fabric will remind her of a good hotel and a holiday, something she will love I assure you!

Sexy outfit

This idea is a bit more tarevida but very fun, I suggest you buy him a sexy and daring lingerie to have a good time, there is a very nice one inspired by the novels of 50 shades of Grey, no need to have read the books do not worry about that, just get on the internet and search for lingerie 50 shades of Grey, I assure you that you will like it, look for one that has a vintage style with a silver lace and black mesh, you will see how sexy and daring it is.

Body oil

A good body oil will help her to get rid of the effects of the winter cold, it will show a nice touch if you give her this because it will teach her how to pay attention to the details. Look for one that is all natural, with a light fragrance. If I have to recommend one from Amazon, I recommend you choose one from Amazon called Herbivore Botanicals. It costs $31.

Champagne glasses

This gift is more of an addition to a gift than anything else, it will serve as a special toast on the 14th of February. There are champagne glasses that are specialised to withstand the cold of Champagne and are unbreakable, if you like the idea you can find them on Amazon and they are called Corkcicle.

Massage roller

A massage roller will help you relax your muscles and give you a great time. Look for one that can be used on almost every part of the body, but know that if you give him this as a gift you will also have to massage him.

Intimate massager for couples

If you want a sexy gift and that you are going to use it a lot this is definitely your gift, they are waterproof toys and very fun, I recommend that you buy one which can be discreet to keep it in the room and if you have a remote control to use it in spontaneous moments I assure you that he will have a great time. 

Relaxing night

To prepare for a relaxing evening at home prepare your favourite dinner and buy several bottles of your favourite wine. Prepare the house and the table as beautifully as possible, and throughout the evening, make small surprises for her, such as more gifts that you have bought or show her that you have prepared the dessert that she likes the most.

Candle care kit

This gift idea is a bit special and it all depends on whether your partner is used to putting candles or never does anything with them. The candle care kit will prolong the life of the candles and improve their smell throughout their lifetime, so the olfactory impact that you and your partner will have will be much more exaggerated. This kit can be found on amazon for $34.

Essential oil diffuser

Something that has become very fashionable lately, if you do not know what a diffuser is, it is basically a device where you pour water and a few drops of an essential oil, when you turn on the diffuser steam comes out with the essence of essential oils, which apart from smelling good has many advantages for your body, depending on the essential oil that you pour it smells a certain way and contains different properties and advantages for your body. Buy a diffuser that is intelligent, by this I mean a diffuser that has several long hours of life and that contains an automatic shut-off programmed according to the time you want to use it.


If your partner likes to cook and thanks to the confinement he has been able to start developing his culinary skills, don’t leave him without learning, a very good gift option is a good cookbook by a famous chef. If what your partner needs is inspiration for new dishes, give her a book that teaches the properties of certain foods and she will gradually invent and devise new dishes.

Soft leather slippers

This detail will make him a lot of illusion, the slippers of being at home are an object that has to have always if or if, something that is used in the day to day and that for that reason must be the most comfortable and the softest possible, the slippers of sheep plush is a very good option when deciding the correct slippers, a good sole of rubber with memory and resistant will make him think that this walking on the clouds.

Remote photo printer / camera

Here you can choose between two gifts. A good photo printer will make them remember those moments and they can put those images in their office, on the fridge, in their room… Another gift is a camera which prints the photos as soon as they are taken, this gift can be used when they go on a trip or when they are having a moment to remember and have the photo already printed. 

A plant

A plant for the living room is not a bad option at all, plants provide a peaceful and vegetal space which is good for the health of their eyes. In addition, it is an object that you have to take care of and that you can practice gardening with depending on the type of plant.

A warm and cosy fleece and socks

Starting with the jumper I recommend that you choose a sherpa sweater, during the winter and cold periods it is a key thing that you will use every day.

Winter socks are also very important, there are many types so choose ones with a love theme to warm her heart and she will think of you when she wears them.