This is the miracle diet fashionable among celebrities: enhance your figure in 12 weeks

Diet used by famous to lose weight that you should try if you want to have that desired figure

There are many celebrities who follow a diet to maintain their physique and natural beauty, currently we get a diet that is very fashionable which follows celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Adriana Lima, Halle Berry among others and this is none other than the Keto diet. 

This is a diet that dispenses with carbohydrates and its results can give amazing results helping you to lose up to 30 pounds in just a few weeks, here are the keys. 


What is the Keto diet about?

The Keto diet eliminates or seeks to reduce to the maximum the daily intake of carbohydrates, instead of betting heavily on consuming fats and proteins, this diet follows a formula that many athletes also tend to follow, especially when you want to lose weight. 

This is a ketogenic diet, a word that derives from “Ketosis“, the name of a metabolic where the body produces enough energy to keep running, something that happens when you do not get enough glucose from carbohydrates for energy production, is then when the body must use body fat to generate this missing energy, this process is also known as beta-oxidation. 

To achieve this what is done is to suppress carbohydrates thus achieving the “burning” of fats, that is where the weight loss comes from, in addition to this there are also those who claim that this diet promotes brain activity, but this is a fact that has not yet been scientifically proven. 

Evidence for the efficacy of the keto diet

The Keto diet works and there are many testimonies of this, among the scientific evidences of this diet we find the following:

  • Long term practice can be detrimental to health and can have dangerous effects on the body and bones. 
  • It is not recommended for alcoholics and diabetics. 
  • For best results, it must be combined with physical exercise. 

This is considered one of the most restrictive diets due to its limited range of allowed foods, among those that can be ingested are the following:

  • Meats of all types including red meat, fish and with special emphasis on blue meats and seafood. 
  • Eggs and dairy products may be eaten. 
  • It is recommended to eat fats such as cream, cream, cured cheeses, avocado, cocoa, coconut, nuts and derivatives. 
  • It is allowed to eat vegetable oils and fried products. 
  • In addition, creams, vegetable p芒t茅s and seeds should also be eaten. 

Recommendations for applying the Keto diet

This is a diet that must be followed to the letter in order to obtain effective results, therefore, the consumption of foods such as bread, pasta, sugars, cereals, legumes and some fruits with high sugar content must be eliminated. 

Similarly, experts recommend not to practice this type of diet on your own because it should be applied and monitored by a professional, but first it is recommended to see a doctor to see if we are able to support this type of diet without suffering any risk because assuming such a drastic way of eating as the Keto diet can suddenly become detrimental to health. 

In the same way, it provides interesting benefits that we must take into account, and another recommendation made by experts is that this type of diet is recommended to lose weight fast but also to develop a healthy habit to improve our physique and health. 

Is the Keto diet worth it?

Undoubtedly, the Keto diet is not only recommended by experts, but its effectiveness has been shown by renowned athletes, as well as celebrities of great renown. 

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We must also remember that this is a type of diet that must be followed correctly in order to avoid any damage to our health, as well as to avoid a very large and radical change in our metabolism that could be detrimental.