This is the best diet that has left Beyoncé with an amazing body

Beyoncé's miraculous routine to lose 20 pounds in 22 days told in her documentary Homecoming

Know the singer’s secret to lose weight quickly and with little effort. Beyoncé in her documentary “Homecoming” revealed her secret diet to lose weight with which she lost up to 6 kg in only 6 days, the artist opened up in front of the cameras and told all her tricks to lose weight after giving birth to her children

This is a strict plan called “22 Days Nutrition”, which is based on an organization of meals which are always cooked with organic and vegetarian products accompanied by a previously designed physical exercise routine. 

Beyonce’s diet

Beyoncé has many trainers behind her to help her maintain her shape, but all the effort and work is done by the singer, this diet is divided as follows. 

Intermittent breakfast

The celebrity revealed that she uses intermittent fasting in her weight loss regimen, besides her, other celebrities who use this method are Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck and Nicole Kidman, and many of her followers also practice intermittent breakfast in a public way. 

This is one of the most popular doctrines to lose weight, since it allows you to lose between 1 kg to 1.5 kg per week, the key to intermittent fasting is to combine periods of fasting with days of normal food in order to lose weight. 

This technique is fashionable not only because of its effectiveness but also because it has been proven to be a fairly healthy and non-aggressive method to carry out. In recent years it has become very popular thanks to the celebrities who use this method, but nutritionists remind that despite being an effective method, there is no magic formula to lose weight, since the main thing is always the consistency and the correct management of these methods

Special diets

In addition to this diet method Beyoncé has let it be known that her diet is also quite important, to lose those 6 kg in 22 days she followed to the letter the eating instructions of the program “22 Days Nutrition” which is a plan that consists mainly of eating natural foods low in fat. 

In addition to this, it is also recommended to take vegetable protein powder to help the intake of food in order to receive the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for our body. 

This 22 days routine can be with mostly vegan food, gluten free, among others, this is always totally up to the decision of the person who implements this eating plan. 

Exercise routines

Last but not least, in order to guarantee a correct weight loss every weight loss plan always requires a good physical exercise routine, in this case for a quick weight loss experts recommend to focus on cardio exercises to sweat and lose fat faster. 

But this should not be the only thing that should be done because you also have to lift weights to give strength and shape to the muscles. 

The artist also says that to achieve her goal she was following a strict exercise routine that consisted of 2 workouts a day, one in the morning that took only about 20 minutes, this consisted mainly of stretching and warm up, then late at night or afternoon the artist began a more intense exercise routine where the main focus was cardio but always did full body routines where she occasionally lifted weights.

Beyoncé says that this routine also helped her to better manage her day, since she had to exercise every day to achieve her goal, leaving only Sunday as the only day to rest, but Tuesdays and Fridays were the days where she worked the hardest to give her body the burst of exercise it needs to grow.