The ‘superfood’ that reduces beer belly: Twice vitamin C of oranges

The fruit that will help you strengthen your vision, fortify your defenses, and improve your digestion

There are many different fruits that give us a lot of vitamins and proteins, but there are some that give us much more than we imagine, that is why in this article we will talk about that food that gives you a lot of vitamin C, more than twice the amount found in oranges

Vitamin C helps us to strengthen our defenses, in addition to having antioxidant properties, the consumption of only 1 of this fruit a day covers 85% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. It is also beneficial for sight and digestion

Fruit Kiwi
The great benefits of Kiwi


The Kiwi does not help to lose weight, contrary to what is usually thought, but it does help to improve digestion, besides giving us many other additional benefits, this fruit despite its exotic name and tropical appearance is originally from China and to grow it usually needs temperate climates instead of warm. 

Its intake in New Zealand was introduced in 1904 being this the first for its subsequent worldwide export, in 1959 was when it was given its current name, this in honor of the national symbol of New Zealand, while in other markets, how China, it is still known as Yangtao (Strawberry Peach) or mihou tao (monkey peach). 

Benefits of eating kiwi

This is a fruit that has a great amount of benefits thanks to the fact that it gives us many different nutrients, among its greatest benefits we find the following. 

Helps with indigestion

The Kiwi is famous among other things for helping to combat constipation, this has made many people recommend it for weight loss, but its properties do not help us directly to this, instead it is responsible for capturing water in the intestine helping this to make the stool softer, but does not make us go more to the bathroom. 

In addition, it is also known for having twice as much Vitamin E compared to avocado, in addition to its good part of Vitamin A, it is a fruit that allows the proteins to disintegrate, thus avoiding gas, gastritis and of course indigestion. 

Kiwi Fruit

As for the minerals it provides, it competes directly with the banana in terms of the amount of potassium it provides, it also has magnesium, phosphorus, chromium and folic acid, properties highly recommended to be consumed by people suffering from diabetes. 

It has antioxidant properties

This is a berry that according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, covers 85% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, it contains twice the amount found in oranges, approximately 100 ml per 100 gr.

This is a fruit that has key antioxidant properties in the formation of blood vessels, muscles, cartilage, collagen, it also intervenes in the assimilation of iron and protects the body from damage caused by free radicals in our body. 

Good for eyesight

This is a fruit that also contains a large amount of lutein, a pigment that is part of the retina and protects the macula from UV rays, this helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration according to a study conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Sydney, Australia. 

In addition, consuming this fruit during pregnancy ensures that enough lutein reaches the fetus so that it can develop a healthy retina, and Concepción Martinez, dietician and nutritionist says the following “during breastfeeding is also recommended because it strengthens the fission of the newborn”.


Consuming Kiwi on a regular basis helps to have a balanced and varied diet, it is recommended at breakfast and as a snack, in addition to all this also helps to consume the minimum of 400 grams per day of fruits and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization.