Sport with dumbbells

If what you are looking for is a back with more fiber, the dumbbells will be your best friend in this process, it is not necessary a bar, even with the bar it is worse because you cannot vary the weight that exercises your back and it is always the same exercise, with the dumbbells you can vary the weight and you can reach many different areas of the back.

The dumbbell needs stabilization, what it does is activate muscle fibers and at the time increase all muscle activity. Another advantage of dumbbells is that your joints do not suffer as much as with the bar.

In this post what we are going to teach you are some exercises to exercise the whole back and reach the arms with some exercises, the good thing about these exercises is that you can do them wherever you want, you only need a couple of dumbbells to perform them, not even a bench. 

The dumbbells are very versatile, you will cover the whole back and you will be able to strengthen areas where you could not reach before. When you practice exercises with the dumbbells you will know where you are doing more strength, they will give you a control over your muscular fibers and this way you will be able to train the muscles that you desire more.

Your back is filled with multiple muscle groups that need to be trained, and the dumbbells make that possible.

 Lower back or lumbar zone

This area is important for the support and exercise that the back has to do for the upper body, if this area is strong it can avoid back pain in the long term. It is exercised by moving, turning or extending the back, but as I said, it is very important that you are in good physical shape since it is the one that provides movement to the entire upper body.

Thoracic area or half of the back

This area is one of the most important, is responsible for protecting the spine and allows the body to turn and move sideways. It contains the largest muscles of the back, contains other areas such as the posterior serratus and erector spines, this area is the one that most men want to exercise because it contains the most important areas to develop a strong and wide back. So if you want to achieve this purpose of having a wide and fibrous back you will have to exercise this area of the back.

Upper back

The upper back involving the shoulder blades is the part that supports the head and neck. The muscle groups found in the upper back are the trapezium, latissimus and the back deltas. If the hind deltas are in good physical shape, it is a sign of a healthy and exercised back.

In order to have a strong and healthy back, it is important to focus the exercises on a group of muscles that cover a large surface of the back, or also exercises that focus on a single muscle to correct some type of weakness found in the back. As we have mentioned before, dumbbell exercises are better than bar exercises because of all the areas you cover with the dumbbells. The main advantages of these exercises are:

  • Improvement of the posture, this develops avoiding possible muscular pains.
  • Reducing back pain
  • Stronger and more stable shoulders
  • These exercises improve the movement of the lumbar spine.
  • Whatever exercises you do; it is important to know that dumbbells will help you a lot and are highly recommended to avoid possible back pain or injury.

So, you know, go from bars to dumbbells, I assure you that you will notice the changes in your physical shape.