Practicing meditation

Many people want to practice meditation, but many of these people who want to practice meditation it find excuses like they don’t have time, the problem with meditation is that people think that meditation will do everything for you, and that you don’t have time is just a cheap excuse.

You have to get to sit down totally and isolate your worries and thoughts and find work on yourself, forget everything else and focus on yourself, that’s the art of meditation. Don’t be intimidated by what it will cost you to meditate, stop thinking about it and start thinking about how you are going to evolve and how good you are going to be, mentally and physically.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we will help you. These are some points that will make you feel better before meditating and that will help you to practice this kind of techniques.

These points are one of the most important points in the beginning of meditation, are made by professionals.

It is a habit, not a spontaneous thing

If you don’t know how to turn this into a habit and a routine, imagine it as something obligatory, like eating or brushing your teeth. You do not doubt when you are going to do it and it is mandatory for you to feel good, so do the same with meditation, it is important to note that this habit is free portable and accessible to everyone. Meditation can be practiced in any state of mind and even sick, it is important and highly recommended to practice it at least 10 minutes a day, is the gym of your brain and you want it to be healthy and strong.

Meditation apart from improving all the things we always hear about like stress reduction, improving sleep… also has things much better than all these aspects, people who have a very stressful job and usually meditate tend to perform 10 percent faster than other people who don’t. Even a guided meditation can improve that you solve problems sooner and think much better. Your brain will basically be more developed.

Another important point of meditation is that by practicing it you become more attentive, it also makes you more compassionate and empathetic to many people. The exercise that you do a lot is at the end of the day to think about everything that has happened to you and what you have done and to think about how you are going to respond to it. In this way you are more aware of every moment of your life. If you begin to practice it, those around you will notice.

When you feel like starting to meditate, it is important to know that there are 4 types of meditation and that they are different.

Types of meditation

  • This type of meditation is guided, it can be a mentor, it usually introduces you to the world of meditation and makes you see colors and lights so that your brain starts working with this type of thoughts.
  • Words and sounds: mantra meditation is named; it uses sounds and words that activate neural parts and help you with meditation. With this type of meditation, we try to block the external sounds.
  • Mindful: This type of meditation is practiced for living the moment, what does this mean? Well, that it encourages us to look at our surroundings and see our actions, it wants to open all our senses.
  • Diary: because like the word diary itself, it is based on writing down and recognizing all the actions you have done during the day, putting your opinions and concerns on paper. It is very important that this is written down in a conscious way, this method is an introduction to people to meditation, usually used by people who say they have little time.