This is the cool perfume that Brad Pitt uses: Italian and affordable for everyone

The Italian perfume that radiates elegance but also sensuality favorite of the famous actor

There are many celebrities that we admire and love, that is why we often seek to look like them in order to feel more attractive and confident, to help you achieve this we will talk about Brad Pitt’s favorite fragrance and the one he uses regularly so you can use it and feel like Brad Pitt every day you want. 

The actor is a big fan of Musk and the Florentine house Lorenzo Villoresi, a house expert in unique perfumes of those that smell elegant, but delicious in any circumstance, Brad Pitt knows it and the perfume he usually uses regularly in this chain, that’s why here we will tell you about that perfume and how you can get it. 

Space of the Villoresi del Perfume Museum (Florence, Italy)
Space of the Villoresi del Perfume Museum (Florence, Italy)

Perfume Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze, Eau de Toilette from Musk

This fragrance is an Eau de Toilette that maintains that line of cleanliness but subtly adds a very special sensual touch that accentuates the unisex character of this prefume, so many feel it as a fragrance that radiates freshness, sensuality and its right touch of elegance.聽

We can understand why Brad Pitt only wants to use this Eau de Toilette, and that is because the unisex character of the perfume means that it does not have very extreme notes towards the floral, as in women’s fragrances, or towards the woody, as is usually the case with men’s fragrances. 

Instead, its scent is more natural, and the fact that it is a man’s or woman’s perfume is merely a social convention, since smells know no gender, now this also shows not only that Bradd is a fan of this perfume, but also that he flees from labels and seeks to mark his style in a natural way. 

Characteristics of Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze Perfume, Eau de Toilette from Musk

This Musk perfume is a true classic since the perfumery was born in 1995 with the main objective of fleeing from conventions, this is a perfume that radiates small warm notes but also with a measured touch of intensity, this thanks to the flowers, galbanum and cardamom that contains the perfume. 

Perfume Lorenzo Villoresi

Although we can also notice that this is a fragrance that has a certain citrus scent, but that is provided by the bergamot, and as we can see in the first impression of this perfume is that it radiates warmth. 

This is a long-lasting fragrance ideal for any situation in which we turn to enter, also the same usually becomes more floral over time, this thanks to the essences of geranium and roses that are in his opinion being his “feminine touch” of this perfume. 

Price of Perfume Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze, Eau de Toilette from Musk

A very sought after Unisex fragrance not only for its quality, but also for the above mentioned, this fact has also increased its popularity, but it is not something that has influenced its price and it has remained quite the same. 

This is a scent that contains sandalwood, vanilla, amber, Brazilian oak wood, among other additional essences. 

Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze perfume is priced at 120 euros, this is a price that has been maintained despite its popularity, Musk is a very recognized brand and you can possibly get it in niche perfumeries. 

It is worth buying Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze, Eau de Toilette from Musk Perfume?

Undoubtedly, this is a perfume, which although it may have a higher price if compared to other perfumes, but its fragrance makes it totally worth.

Brad Pitt fragances

This is because it is long lasting, but soft and elegant touch helps it can be used by all kinds of people, both women and men, but also people who have to be allergic to strong odors among others.

This platform can be purchased both in large physical stores and online platforms. For example, Jef Bezos’ worldwide operating company, Amazon, has this wonderful perfume in stock at a price of 149$.