The outrageous fortune the Kardashians could earn for their new reality show

Everything you need to know about the new program of one of the most eccentric families of all

The Kardashian’s have achieved great fame in all these years and much of it was thanks to their reality show which already saw its last season a few years ago, but a new reality show of the Kardashian clan is soon to see the light, in this program we will see Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and of course Khlo茅 Kardashian and Kim Kardashian

This reality show will have a similar format to their previous show and it generates a lot of expectation as we can expect from the Kardashians.

Kardashian’s program

The family’s previous show lasted a total of 20 seasons where they covered 14 years of their life, this has become a classic and gave immense exposure to the family which helped a lot to increase their fame. When this show ended everyone thought that the Kardashian’s wanted to have more privacy and not be so exposed. 

These assumptions were reinforced if you take into account the negative episodes they lived during the show like the overdose of Lamar Odod, Kourtney’s ex boyfriend, or the robbery Kim suffered in Paris, reasons that give a lot of reason not to continue with such a public life. 

But contrary to this, the eccentric family has shown that it has other parameters since, despite the fact that the program had ended, they have always remained in the public eye and now they have decided to jointly take the decision to return to star in a new reality show which, according to the information that is known, will be a direct continuation of the previous program. 

According to a precise description in El Mundo, it is said that throughout its episodes it will show “the enormous pressure involved in managing billion-dollar businesses, the moments of play and taking the children to school”.

How much do the Kardashians get paid?

This show will also show the change and evolution that the Kardashian’s have had since the previous show. Some of the updated situations are that Kim divorced Kanye West and is in a relationship with Pete Davidson, Kourtney is in a good moment with Travis Scott while Kylie recently had her second child, Khlo茅 is with new work projects and Kendall still maintains her place as one of the most sought after models. 

But the question that many are asking is, how much will the Kardashians earn for this program, and according to a report by El Mundo, there are versions that indicate that the protagonists would have charged fees in excess of 100 million dollars to make the program. 

Although this information has not been confirmed by any member of the family in an interview with Variety Khlo茅 was eloquent on this issue: “The monetary factor was very important because we sacrifice much of our personal lives to entertain others. We always share our family and private conversations.”

Where can I watch the Kardashian’s new show?

Khlo茅 also commented that it was her mother, Kris Jenner, who was in charge of making all the negotiations and that she did an excellent job, in addition to this other data that has come to light is that each Kardashian will receive the same salary, something that draws attention in a positive way, this because not all have the same level of attention. 

This will be a program that will see the light this coming April 14 by Hulu, platform part of Disney, the program will show an episode every Thursday but it is not yet known the exact number of episodes that will come to have the same. 

But what is certain is that there are many who are waiting for this program that is soon to premiere, it only remains to see what the family will show in this new stage of their lives and what changes will be seen in the reality show compared to its predecessor.