Rihanna caught revealing the sex of her baby: it’s a girl

The composer of "Diamonds" is seen buying clothes that reveal the sex of her children

Currently, Rihanna’s pregnancy is in her third trimester, even so, many details have been kept secret, but, by mistake, the singer seems to have revealed that her baby will be a girl, buying her several feminine clothes at the Couture Kids store, which is located in West Hollywood.

Rihanna is someone who likes to keep her privacy, and live in areas where she can remain unknown to the general public, even though she has kept the date when she will give birth a secret, so it is likely that she will not confirm if indeed her first child will be a girl. But Daily Mail’s photos and statements seem to indicate that this is a fact.

Evidence of the baby’s gender

Days ago, Rihanna was accompanied by her friend, the model Sita Abellan, strolling through the shops and buying girl’s clothes, and then they went to dinner at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant. It is rare that she was not accompanied by her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky, but it was most likely due to problems in his schedule that he could not be with her.

While shopping, Rihanna started selecting baby clothes in neutral colors, but at one point she grabbed a little orange tulle dress, whose cost seems to have been barely $18 dollars. Curiously, during this visit she wore a blue sweatshirt that covered her belly, something unusual in the last looks she has worn.

Also, multiple sources claim that the singer of “Only Girl in the World” bought several headbands, which while they can be worn by boys are accessories primarily associated with baby girls. This without being affected by the way in which her fans saw her absorbed in having her so close.

Rihanna’s maternal facet

In another set of photos, Rihanna can be seen buying a small gray trench coat, this time while wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt, and the face she put on was one of pure emotion that denoted her desire to be a mother, so contagious that the saleswoman also he was very happy for her.

In an interview with Elle magazine, “Riri” has spoken about how motherhood has changed her life: “everything is a challenge, from dressing to how I’m going to put on makeup. But I like challenges. I like things that force you to be creative and make new ways. With beauty, there’s so much you can do.

For several years, the CEO of Fenty Beauty has been saying that she wanted to be a mother, even if that meant she would do it alone, so it is understandable that she is delighted now that she has been able to achieve her goal.

Future of Rihanna and her family

The father of Rihanna’s child is rapper A$AP Rocky, who has become the face of Fenty Beauty, and whose relationship is unclear when it began. But, it seems to be going great, with him referring to her as “the love of my life” in an interview with GQ.

According to various sources, the couple have plans to marry in 2022 in Barbados, Rihanna’s country of origin. So, regardless of whether their first child is a boy or a girl, more babies are sure to be on the way, as the singer of “Umbrella” has said before that she wants to have 4 children, so they might end up having one of each gender

The only bad thing about this news is that Rihanna has said that she has not been able to release more albums, due to her commitments with her companies. So if we add to that having to take care of her “new daughter”, the chances that she will release new material soon are reduced even more.