Nicky Jam’s girlfriend, Aleska Genesis, heavily criticized on Instagram for wearing a $6000 dress

Model, girlfriend of top reggaeton singer, receives hate mail for modeling an expensive dress

Aleska G茅nesis is an influencer, model and entrepreneur born in Venezuela, who has become known at national level for being the girlfriend of Nicky Jam, one of the most influential urban music singers.

Now the couple was seen during the fashion show of Aleska G茅nesis’s sister Barbara Castellano, a very respected designer. There both showed happy, in love and very nice with the production of the show.

Nicky Jam and Aleska Genesis are shown together

Despite having only a few months together, Nicky Jam and Aleska G茅nesis looks get serious in their romance. The singer of hits like “Perro Fiel” or “El Amante” was the special guest at the event for his girlfriend’s sister. He was in charge of closing the fashion show, which took place in the city of Miami in the USA.

The event presents the debut of Barbara Castellano as a fashion designer, and shows a collection created by the venezuelan, which receives the name of “B谩rbara Castellanos by Giannina Azar”.

Barely, Barbara Castellano presented a preview of his collection in the New York Fashion Week. But, something new that happens in this presentation was the modelling of Aleska in the middle of the event. This was so surprising like Nicky Jam’s presentation, but not as unexpected as we might think.

Currently, Nicky Jam lives in Miami in a luxury apartment worth 6 millions dollars, where it is rumored he is living with his girlfriend, hiding from the press. Likewise, Castellano and Genesis have always been very close, so it is not a real shock to see the couple supporting the top model in his new business as they can: working.

How modelling Aleska G茅nesis

In the videos published on Instagram, you can see Aleska G茅nesis wearing one of the dresses from her sister’s collection. The dress is semitransparent silver color, has voluminous sleeves, and the back neckline is braided in the form of a corset. Finally, the fabric is embroidered in its entirety with Swarovski’s crystal. This makes the entire dress a value of 6.000 dollars.

In the gateway, Genesis looks very elegant with the dress that fits her curves perfectly and enhances her figure. She was very good modelling in the fashion show, and Nicky Jam, who was all time in front row watching the footbridge, made it know in a interview were he drop the next comment: “I am happy to be here, supporting her, because I love her and because it is born in me”.

Critiques of Aleska Genesis

Despite how perfect the scene may look, the “fans” of Nicky Jam share his nonconformity in the post. “Nothing out of the ordinary. She even looks like her ex-best friend”; “It’s not a big deal, don’t overdo it”; “The dress is bland and tame like her”, were some of the comments left in the post.

For those who do not understand the reason for the anger, the couple has been as loved as they have been hated, because the relationship started shortly thereafter when the singer of “Perro Fiel” broke his engagement with the model Cydney Moreau, who was a close friend of G茅nesis.

Response to their fans and haters

Although, the couple assures they start date later Nicky finish his relation with Cydney Moreau, and Aleska It had nothing to do with their break up, the fans think the opposite and say the venezuelan hinted in the pictures of he published on his social network, during the relation of Nicky Jam and Cydney Moreau.

Then, we can affirm the hateful comments left in the post, does not necessarily mean the people really hate the way Aleska modelled, most likely, they are still angry about the situation involving the two models, something that none of the parties involved have talked about.