Kanye West surprises on Instagram in his bid to win back Kim Kardashian by sending a truckload of roses

Kanye West takes to social media after his latest attempt to get his ex-girlfriend back

Kanye West is one of the celebrities who most updates his social networks making it sometimes a little complicated to follow his news. Just a few days ago he let us see that he has an open relationship with Julia Fox, and we could also finally see how his doors with the Kardashian family closed definitively.聽

Now everything has taken a 180 degree turn since the rapper published different images of Pete Davidson, current boyfriend of his ex Kim Kardashian, where he left different messages for the comedian, in one of them points out that he would never meet his children, although ended up removing these messages from the social network, but different users took screenshots of these messages that will now live forever on the internet.

Kanye West surprises on Instagram

Kanye’s paranoia

Among the images he uploaded it was one where Pete Davidson appeared but the rapper had covered his face, in the message that accompanies the photo you can read that the rapper expresses that he is currently struggling to keep his family together, but he is having a hard time achieving it at the moment.聽

Many users are labeling Kanye’s behavior as erratic and childish. After the rapper deleted all the messages and photos that uploaded to Instagram, he continued to act as if nothing had happened, Ye posted photos where he shows himself taking his children to the Super Bowl with a completely serious countenance and without any concern as shown in the photos he uploaded to the social network.聽

On the other hand, the actress Julia Fox, Kanye West’s current partner, was very calm with the rapper and with their open relationship, despite those attacks he usually has where he seems to lose control of himself. 

Julia and Kanye separated?

But it seems that Julia is already tired of all this extra public attention as it has come into her life, according to her current statuses, and everything seems to indicate that both would have already finished because the actress removed all the photos in which she appeared with Kanye West on her social networks, in addition to this she has also stopped following the artist in all his social networks.聽

Kanye’s gift

But this does not end here because last Valentine’s night Kim Kardashian shared photos where she was sharing an evening with Pete, but Ye is still determined to get her back and shows it on the most public ways possible, this time the rapper sent Kim a truck full of flowers that came to his home in Calabasas, a gesture a little intense by Ye because Kim let it be known in a very public way where she was to avoid something similar.聽

Rapper sent Kim a truck full of flowers

These aptitudes that the rapper has already seem to be bothering Kim Kardashian as it also turns out to be something a little creepy. 

Kim has let it be known on her networks that these “tokens of love” from Kanye are nothing more than an obsession and that she would like everything to end once and for all with that attitude, as she only wants to get on with her life. 

Kim Kardashian leaves behind the West name

In addition to this to make clear that separation from Kanye, Kim Kardashian is currently seeking to delete the name West from her last name to appear already legally as “single” so she can do whatever she wants with her life, even remarry.聽

Although only the future will tell if this possible future wedding will be with Pete or with another suitor that Kim Kardashian may have.