The viral video of Jennifer Lopez: appears without makeup and stirs up social media

Learn singer JLo's secret to a radiant face quickly without the need for excessive make-up

It is becoming more and more common to see celebrities like Selena Gomez or Jennifer Lopez deciding to show themselves as they are to their followers, although this is not a literal sense of the word since we are referring directly to makeup. Many of us are used to their look where they are always elegant for the flashes of the cameras

One of the artists that we are used to seeing without makeup is Jennifer Lopez, the singer has no shame to show herself like this because on many occasions she has shown herself just as she is without makeup showing much of the natural beauty she has which has always delighted all her followers. 

Jennifer Lopez shows off her makeup

The actress and singer and songwriter has recently shared a video on her social networks for her almost 200 million followers, a number that makes her one of the most influential women on Instagram, here we can see the artist who shows herself without any makeup and shows how she prepares to go out and then give start to her day. 

This video is a promo for a beauty line that the artist demonstrated that with the application of this product you can restore the skin to a better state without much effort also showing off her makeup skills, although this time it was nothing so extravagant or excessive. 

If we compare this appearance on Instagram with her more glamorous outings we can see another face of the famous celebrity but it gives us to understand that we do not need a magic serum to beautify ourselves, only dedication, care and also a lot of effort to keep us especially healthy as JLo has already demonstrated on several occasions in the past. 

For this video JLo left the following message “When I’m moved by something I just have to share it! That JLo Glow Serum is my secret sauce for that limitless glow, even while filming nights for weeks straight on location far away! This Serum (My baby) works for all skin types and can seriously revive skin back to SUPERSTAR status”.

The opinion of his fans

This publication was released this past March 8 and the reaction of her fans was not long in coming as this video reached almost 400 thousand likes to date and more than 7 thousand comments where the main thing is messages of support from her fans and notes that comment on how much JLo inspires her followers. 

With this video JLo also wants to promote the new product of her personal beauty brand demonstrating once again her preference for her own brand inviting all her followers to buy it since this is what helps the artist to always have that fabulous look that all her fans love so much

Similarly, the artist took the opportunity to make this publication on International Women’s Day to brag about one of the most important people in her life “Each and every day I am inspired by so many talented, incredible and amazing women. We truly make the world go’round. From my inspirations in life to my beautiful family and friends… today and every day is your day… we celebrate and honor you” are the words the singer dedicated to her mother

This was a publication that was also liked by the fans causing more than 700 thousand reactions and many messages that share the message given by the actress in the publication, in addition to this there are also many who share her message of support not only to her mother but to women in general thus demonstrating her fans much respect for the ideas of JLo.